How often do I change my wallet? How long does the wallet take to renew

by:JIYALI     2021-07-14

Wallet is a very common item in our lives. Some friends who are more nostalgic may use a wallet for many years. In fact, wallets have their own lifespan. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how often do you change your wallet?

How often do I change my wallet?

From the perspective of feng shui, no matter how luxurious and precious a wallet is, its fortune can only last for two years. After two years, the wallet’s fortune fortune will 'go away' DownhillAfter a year of use, a wallet will bring us wealth fortune to reach its heyday. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the God of Wealth lives in the wallet. If the wallet is chosen properly, the God of Wealth will enter and live in our wallet, and will take the initiative to 'find fortune' for us, which is the so-called fortune. Chinese people have paid great attention to Feng Shui since ancient times, which is the result of ancient people's research. So no matter how you like a wallet, no matter how reluctant you are, if you want your lucky bag to continue to bring you wealth, you must change it at least once every two years, so that your wealth can continue to flow Be supplemented.

Why can't the wallet be used all the time

If the wallet is used for more than two years, the wealth will be exhausted, so even if our wallet is not broken, we should replace it in time, because with With our use, the wallet will continue to wear and tear, or small holes will appear. This is the most taboo in Feng Shui, which is the meaning of 'leakage'.

The disposal of used old wallets is also very particular. In Japan, people bring used old wallets to temples and burn them after praying, or send them with 'processing fees' in their wallets. Merchants who resell wallets will go to the temple for centralized processing. In the hearts of the Japanese, the wallet is for us to gather wealth and work hard for a lifetime. Even when it is of no use value, it should be properly placed, otherwise it will be 'punished

Wallet purchase taboos

From the perspective of wallet styles, men and women should choose men’s and women’s long wallets. Why do you say that? People have always believed that money is similar to humans They also don’t like to 'bend over' very much. If they choose a folding wallet, it will make our money 'wrong' and keep 'bending over' every day, which makes it unwilling to favor you. Wallet. The long wallets will create a comfortable space for money, making them comfortable living and reluctant to leave, avoiding wealth.

In terms of the color of the wallet (for details, please refer to-What color wallet is the most inviting wealth?), red is the most taboo choice. Red is considered the color that disperses wealth. And yellow, which is considered rich and auspicious, is undoubtedly the best color for wallets. According to Feng Shui, yellow is the color of wealth. Therefore, yellow has always been the color most admired by ancient kings. As one of the auxiliary tools for us to attract wealth, the color of the wallet plays the most important role in all the factors that affect wealth. So if you want your wallet to bring wealth and wealth, you must choose a yellow wallet.

Which brand of wallet is good?


The design of this brand is based on the style of atmospheric men. In other words, this wallet can highlight the temperament , Its texture is very soft, but it can be held up, the quality is not good.


This is a simple casual business wallet, suitable for men. The fine-grained cowhide has a soft and comfortable feel, super first-class design, and an extraordinary reputation by fans. As a status symbol, it can be said to be one of the most cost-effective brand-name wallets.


The brand originated from the Mickey Mouse image design created by Disney in 1982. The wallet with a lively cartoon atmosphere is very suitable for girls. There are many designs on the wallet. Few people will bring the characteristics of Mickey Mouse, so girls like this kind of innocence trinkets.

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