How much is Xinghualou mooncake box and bag? Where to buy Xinghualou mooncake box and bag

by:JIYALI     2021-06-25

The Mid-Autumn Festival is about to come, and the major mooncake brands are also vying for surprises and have begun to enter the fashion industry. Many brands have launched mooncake boxes and bags, and they are still very beautiful. Let’s take a look at this one. Mooncake box and bag from Xinghualou.

How much is the Xinghualou Mooncake Box Bag

Brand: Xinghualou

Name: Xinghualou Guochao Limited Customized Bag Mooncake Gift Box

Series : Guochao Gift Box

Place of Origin: Shanghai

Price: 428RMB

Where can I buy Xinghualou moon cake boxes and bags?

Xinghualou This moon cake box, bag, gift box launched by Lou Lou is currently available at Xinghua Lou’s flagship store on Tmall, and friends who like it can make a reservation.

'The color scheme of the box with traditional ornamentation is too beautiful...' 'I don't want to buy moon cakes, I just want bags...' Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and a restaurant brand has launched moon cakes across the border as a rule. , Their loyal fans are praising the mooncake boxes as being too beautiful, and this 'mooncake marketing' should have been successful on a regular basis.

How about Xinghualou Mooncakes

The most famous bean paste of Xinghualou must use Haimen's special Dahongpao, and even Hunan Tongxin Xianglian, coconut paste from Hai1's special coconut Silk, the olive kernel among the five kernels comes from Guangdong West Asia, while the fragrant kernel comes from Xinjiang Beishan walnut, but the Yunnan Toluo walnut is used, and the ingredients are exquisite.

Exquisite craftsmanship is the biggest mystery of the success of Xinghualou mooncakes. After several generations of nearly a hundred years of accumulation, the unique formula of Wanhualou moon cakes has become a classic brand asset. Xinghualou moon cakes continue to innovate and ascend according to the needs of the people's life while carrying on the Mid-Autumn Festival. The high-quality shark fin and abalone moon cakes made by Chen Mingxin, the only senior moon cake technician in the country, are flavored with Moutai wine. The grains are clear and layered, which meets the high-end demand.

Xinghualou brand introduction

Shanghai Xinghualou (Group) Co., Ltd., top ten catering brands, top ten mooncake brands, nationally protected trademarks, Chinese time-honored brands, the most influential Shanghai old trademark. Xinghualou was founded in the first year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty (1851). It is a well-known Chinese time-honored brand in China, and its brand reputation is well-known at home and abroad. At the beginning of the Republic of China in 1913, the original Xinghualou shop was expanded into an old-fashioned two-story building, named 'Tanhualou'. In 1927, Tanhualou decided to expand its business in order to meet the needs of the growing business transactions and established 'Tanhualou Shengshengji Co., Ltd.The hotel later suggested that 'Tanhualou' should be renamed 'XinghualouIn 1930, Zhu Ruzhen, the second highest ranking member of the Qing Dynasty, specially wrote a signboard for Xinghualou, which was hung in the middle of the store. Xinghualou was restructured into a joint-stock company in 1998, and was renamed Xinghualou Food u0026 Catering Co., Ltd. in 2002.

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