How much is the Xinhua dictionary bag? Where can I buy the Yuxi Xinhua dictionary bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-26

The Xinhua dictionary bag recently jointly launched by Yu Sai and Xinhua Dictionary is very interesting. Many friends are particularly interested in it. After all, Xinhua dictionary can be a memory of generations. Let’s take a look at this Xinhua dictionary bag. How to buy the bag.

How much is the Xinhua dictionary bag?

The Yuxi Xinhua dictionary bag is a gift when you purchase the pre-sale new-born ganoderma lucidum water. The price is 360 yuan. It includes a bottle of ganoderma lucidum water and a Xinhua dictionary bag.

Yesai United Nations Civil Culture IP 'Xinhua Dictionary' Commercial Press, the first bold collision between beauty and Chinese characters, starting with the character 'SheThe limited edition cross-border release includes Feng Laiyi Xinsheng Lingzhi Water and Xinhua Dictionary Mini Chain Bag. Turn strength into words, and turn tradition into tide. The skin is not afraid of the test of time, and the heart is full of new energy. From the inside out, it is bright and has a foundation, and it is shining and self-glorious.

Where can I buy the Xinhua dictionary bag?

The Yuxi Xinhua dictionary bag is currently available for pre-sale links in the Yuxi Tmall flagship store. You can just take the deposit link.

This bag is not sold separately. You have to buy it with Yu Sai's new Ganoderma lucidum water to get the Xinhua dictionary bag.

How about Xinhua dictionary bags

I am tired of the fancy co-branding? The national tide is coming, and Yu Sai is different this time! The Xinhua dictionary is inspired by Chinese characters next to female characters. , New feminism, rebellious time, let's dig deep into women’s inner charm and explore femininity! There is Feng Laiyi’s limited-edition Yusai Newborn Ganoderma lucidum water, which continues its strong anti-ageing effect, and its appearance is also advanced again, golden The phoenix bathing in the flames gives a lot of power in the hand. What's more interesting is that the Xinhua Dictionary is out of bags, retro and fashionable, and very literary. I want to go out immediately and play the role of a primary school student. I have not touched the Xinhua dictionary for many years, and I realized Yusai’s good intentions. This is to educate us to start skin care from 'dolls'!

Yesai brand introduction

yuesai (yuesai) ), focusing on studying the characteristics of Chinese women’s skin, truly understanding the beauty needs of Chinese women, and developing tailor-made beauty products for Chinese women’s skin with high-efficiency natural medicinal plant ingredients. In June 2004, L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, acquired 'Yue Sai' cosmetics and its brand. In 2012, Yue Sai cooperated with the famous domestic fashion designer Lawrence Xu to launch the Yue Sai Liu Jin Shining Series, letting Chinese Dragon Year fashion be integrated into cosmetics design. Since the establishment of the brand, Yue Sai has been working hard to create cosmetics suitable for Chinese women's skin types. The use of traditional Chinese medicine theory combined with advanced technology extraction technology can effectively increase the efficacy limit of Chinese medicine. The raw materials are precious natural medicinal plant extracts such as Ganoderma lucidum, Snow Fungus, Ginkgo biloba, Angelica, etc., aiming at the common problems of Chinese women's skin energy deficiency, water-oil imbalance, dark yellow and no light Customized series of products such as Ganoderma lucidum vitality, snow ear moisturizing, and Angelica translucent white.

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