How much is the Wufang Ramadan box and bag? Where can I buy the Wufang Ramadan box and bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-10

It’s been less than a month since this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. The major moon cake brands have put a lot of effort into the packaging this year. The moon cake boxes and bags they launched are very fashionable. Let’s take a look at this moon cake box in Wufangzhai. How much is the bag?

How much is the Wufang Ramadan Moon Cake Box Bag

Brand: Wufangzhai

Name: Wufang Ramadan Moon Cake Gift Box Wufang Dream Moon Bag

Origin : Guangdong Province

Series: Wufang Dream Moon

Storage method: cool and dry place

Price: 399RMB

Where to buy Wufang Ramadan moon cake boxes and bags

The pre-sale of Wufangzhai Tmall flagship store has begun. Friends who like this bag can go and buy it.

Taste innovation is just 'lizi'. If you want consumers to perceive your innovation, then 'face' innovation is also indispensable. Innovative flavors need to inform customers through packaging innovation. Wufangzhai’s mooncakes are exquisite and exquisitely packed this time. They have changed the three old mooncake boxes of “iron sheet, Li Bai, and moonlight”. They are telling customers that they are mooncakes with innovative flavors, and they are also distinguishing the crowd. The target customer of is not family aunts, but senior white-collar workers who also pursue sophistication and style.

How about Wufang Ramadan Mooncakes

My favorite and favorite to eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival is Wufangzhai’s meat mooncakes, which are delicious. Really, put down the crooked Cantonese mooncakes in your hand and take a bite of Wufangzhai's meat mooncakes. You will find that your decades of Mid-Autumn Festival have gone for nothing. This moon cake is really good, not only cheap, but also from a big brand. The packaging is good and classy, u200bu200bthe skin is thin and the meat is thick, and the taste is very good. Those who like to eat moon cakes can try it.

I can see that it is a merchant who does business attentively. The mooncakes are eaten by themselves. The packaging does not matter. The most affordable price is needed. The portion is sufficient. It is full of 480 grams. The taste is delicious and the price is low. You need to be content to have a long time. It's really affordable. A great value shopping at this price is really great value. The attitude of the merchants is very good, and the delivery speed is very fast! Will come again, I will leave relatives soon! Big brand, time-honored, trustworthy, I received moon cakes in anticipation, The taste is delicious, sweet but not greasy. It is a time-honored brand without any loss. It is great and awesome. The portion is sufficient. The double yellow mooncake is so big. Taste it first and buy it in the early Mid-Autumn Festival. Gifts must be given with the time-honored brand, which is guaranteed. .

Wufangzhai brand introduction

Zhejiang Jiaxing Wufangzhai Zongzi is a product registered with the National Geographical Indication (Origin) of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, and the 'Wufangzhai' trademark is a national China's well-known trademark recognized by the Trademark Office. Wufangzhai continues to innovate on the basis of inheriting the national food culture, and modernizes the production process of the famous 'Jiahu Fine Point' in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Now it has formed a traditional cake and lo-mei product dominated by zongzi. , Rice products, meat products, egg products, wine, condiments, etc. as a whole series of product groups. Wufangzhai is known as the 'Jiangnan Zongzi King'. It is famous for being glutinous but not rotten, fat but not greasy, tender and delicious, and moderately salty and sweet.

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