How much is the white rabbit milk can messenger bag? Where can I buy the white rabbit milk can bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-03

The new white rabbit milk can messenger bag launched by Le Ding is very interesting. This bag is inspired by the classic white rabbit packaging. It is particularly cute. Let’s get to know this white rabbit milk can messenger bag. The price of it.

How much is the white rabbit milk can messenger bag

This bag will be sold with the Leding Co-branded White Rabbit limited edition gift box. The price of the gift box is 299 yuan. There is a T-shirt, a bag, and toffee. And a pair of socks.

The co-branded milk can packs are not sold separately, they will be sold together in a gift box. The classic white rabbit pattern is small and cute, and the most special thing is the taste of toffee.

Where can I buy the white rabbit milk can messenger bag?

There is a pre-sale link at the Leding Tmall flagship store. It will officially open at 0:00 on August 29, the white rabbit girls Go!

Big white rabbit milk can bag, hahaha, this is simply a standard for food, do you like it? A milk-flavored girl must have it!

Le Ding Introduction of the Big White Rabbit Co-branded Series

coincides with the 10th anniversary of the brand, Le Ding put forward a new brand concept of 'be ANOTHER'. Le Ding (LEDIN) also co-branded with the big IP 'Big White Rabbit' to bring the familiar to local consumers The white rabbit toffee logo and the classic red, white and blue colors of the 'big white rabbit' brand are used in apparel design. While letting the audience of the big show fall into nostalgia, they also feel the pure joy of childhood.

Introduction to the Leding Brand

Peacebird Clothing's girly women's brand LED'IN Leding grandly held the 2017 early spring fashion conference at the Shanghai World Expo Creative Show, a new generation of 'national male gods' Huang Jingyu appeared in a joint collaboration series. The T-stage of the press conference with the theme of 'Girls Playground' displayed more than 80 sets of early spring girly outfits with changeable styles and colorful and beautiful. The joint series with Huang Jingyu was also released at the same time, which won unanimous applause. Le Ding, with its unique market standing at the cutting edge of fashion, collects Asian fashion information, leads international trends, and sends popular apparel products back to its headquarters. The company leads the Chinese fashion apparel industry with 200 new designs every week, and Le Ding has become the vane of the fashion industry.

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