How much is the Valentino Qixi limited bag? I will regret it if I miss it.

by:JIYALI     2021-06-23

Valentino's breath limit this year can be said to be very small and clear. This series is mainly white and red, and it is personally interpreted by the spokesperson Zhang Yixing. It has captured the hearts of many girls. So how many limited Valentino bags for this year's Qixi Festival Where's the money?

How much is the Valentino Qixi limited bag

The price of the Valentino Qixi limited handbag is 23,000 yuan.

Valentino is playing big this year, you all have limited editions, right? I will ask Zhang Yixing to call my Tanabata limited edition. This time the limited name is 'Be MyVLTN'. VLTN is Valentino. The abbreviation of, is also the abbreviation of Valentine's Day (valentine's day), a pun playing 66666.

How about Valentino’s Qixi Festival Limited Edition?

Valentino’s Qixi Festival limited edition is so crazy! If you don’t buy it, you will regret it! Chopped hands and hands chopped and chopped! Valentino this time the Tanabata limited edition, Really! Too! Good! Look! But the limited edition seems quite difficult to grab. I placed the order on the official official account on 7/25, and received it by SF Express the next morning! Before Valentine's Day has arrived, I bought myself a bunch of Tanabata gifts. Women just want to be nice to themselves.

VLTN Tanabata Limited* Zhang Yixing, this time VLTN is really very interesting! Tanabata Limited can’t be too beautiful~ BE MYVLTN, how can you be so charming in Yixing~ This limited single product is red as a whole The white tone and the rivet elements are super beautiful! But when I see the price... I still reluctantly chop my hands, who calls it so beautiful.

Valentino Tanabata limited recommendation

This special series is full of Candystud and Rockstud two bags, the former is redesigned on the basis of the original bag, the red and white color looks sweet and lovely. I also invited Nazha and Guan Xiaotong to bring the goods, and they were planted in an instant. The other is the super hot waist bag in these seasons, which continues Valentino's usual fairy spirit. This is more suitable for fairies who want a lot of bags but want a personalized style. The most important thing is that this Qixi Festival has been consecrated by your 'husband' Zhang Yixing. If you want to fall in love with him, you shouldn't care about the money for the bag, right?

How to store Valentino Tanabata Bags

1. For leather bags to be stored in the season, clean the leather surface before storing, and put clean shredded paper or cotton sweaters in the bag to keep the shape of the bag , And then put the leather bag in a soft cotton bag, store it in the cabinet, and avoid improper squeezing and deformation.

2. The cabinets storing leather products must be well ventilated. For example, cabinets with shutter doors are better. At the same time, it is best not to put too many items in the cabinets.

3. The natural oils and fats in the leather itself will gradually decrease over time or use too many times. Therefore, even very advanced leather goods need regular maintenance.

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