How much is the Shanshui collection package? Shanshui bag price

by:JIYALI     2021-06-29

The bags of Shanshuiji are very popular on the Internet. This domestic brand is now well-known by many people. The quality of her bags really keeps up. It is worth starting. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how much is the Shanshui collection package? What is the price of the Shanshui bag?

How much is the bag of Shanshui Jijia

Most of the bags of Shanshui Jijia are around 300 yuan, which is very cheap. If you want to find a bag that is versatile for commuting, you can learn about this brand. , The price is not expensive, the quality is still very good.

How about the Shanshuiji bag

The chain bag of Shanshuiji, a gift for mother on Mother’s Day, this Shanshuiji bag is very temperamental. I bought it for my mother. At the beginning, I was going to buy the black one, but finally decided to buy this light pink, the price was also cheap, and it happened to be on sale when I went.

Shanshui Ji's very cute bag, I shared the same pink love bag last time. This time I saw a yellow one with a baby face, big eyes, and a loving mouth. Compared with the pink one, this one is more lively and vivid, and the pink one is more literary and fresher! The same style, a different style! /p>

Shanshui set carved small handbag, I was amazed by it at first sight, the super lady is super beautiful and there is wood? The size is just enough to put 6P, keys, change, lipstick and tissues when going out usually, small Folding umbrellas are also adequate. Three card slots are set up very humanely. The tender pink flowers are so good, looking at the heart will melt, really cute ~ the leather is very soft, the lining is also broken flowers, and the workmanship is very good. There are a lot of bags, and we still have to work hard on it. Hahahaha.

Introduction to the Shanshuiji brand

As an enterprise with many years of professional leather manufacturing history, Shanshuiji vigorously introduces various outstanding professionals and international advanced leather production equipment to promote the continuous Achieve leapfrog development. Shanshui Jijia’s bags are guaranteed for two years, and the quality is so capricious. If the problem is caused by human factors such as mold, acid, rain, heavy pressure, natural abrasion of edges and corners, etc., it is not covered by the free warranty, but we can provide free maintenance services. The Shanshuiji brand belongs to Hangzhou Sanxi Leather Co., Ltd. Founded in 2005, the company is committed to making the most professional high-end original leather handbags, which integrates design, production and sales of branded handbags. The company is located in Hangzhou, a paradise on earth, in the Binjiang Changhe Industrial Park.

What to do if the bag is dirty

1. Hand-held parts: The place where the bag is hand-carried, if there are black stains on the bag for a long time, you can use a dilute bleach (1:10) ) It can be removed by brushing directly with a toothbrush. Or use a soft brush to wipe the contaminated area with diluted oxalic acid before cleaning, and then perform conventional treatment.

2. Oil stains: If your leather bag is colored, then we can use detergent to clean it, pour an appropriate amount of detergent and the contaminated area directly, and then use a soft brush to moisten it with water After that, brush gently, and then wash it with water when the oil is gone; if it is a white leather bag, we can use diluted bleach to wash it, the effect is more obvious.

3. Ballpoint handwriting: Ballpoint handwriting with colored fabrics can be processed with 95% alcohol. Before washing, apply some egg white directly to the handwriting, and then directly brush.

4. Moldy: scrub with warm soapy water at 40 degrees, and then perform regular scrubbing. Pure white fabric bags can be soaked in soapy water, and the moldy area can be aired in the sun.

5. Dyeing the fabric: After mixing a little egg white with half a cup of hot water, brush the dyed area with a brush before washing until the dyeing is lightened. When the fabric is severely dyed, first wipe the soap on the contaminated area, and gently scrub with a soft brush moistened with water along the cloth pattern. Repeat several times until the dyeing fades, and make sure that there is rich foam in the contaminated area, so that the dyeing can be removed.

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