How much is the moon cake box and bag at Guangzhou Restaurant Where can I buy the moon cake box and bag at Guangzhou Restaurant

by:JIYALI     2021-06-28

Recently, many moon cake brands have entered the fashion industry and launched moon cake box bags. Among them, this round moon cake box bag from Guangzhou restaurant should be the most watched one on Weibo. Let’s learn about it. Where can I buy it?

How much is the Guangzhou Restaurant Mooncake Box Bag

Brand: Guangzhou Restaurant

Name: Guangzhou Restaurant Guochao Bag Custom Mooncake Gift Box

Product Standard Number: GB /T 19855

Series: National Tide Custom Mooncake

Type of Mooncake: Cantonese Mooncake

Place of Origin: Guangdong Province

Mooncake Price Range: 208RMB

Where to buy the moon cake box bag of Guangzhou Restaurant

The white round moon cake box bag launched by Guangzhou Restaurant has been put on the shelves of the flagship store of Guangzhou Restaurant. It is the pre-sale stage, and friends who like it can book a wave first.

Are the Mooncake Boxes at Guangzhou Restaurant delicious?

The mooncakes at Guangzhou Restaurant have always been a “luxury” when they were young. So I went to find moon cakes online, and they were made by Guangzhou restaurants. They arrived yesterday and they were really delicious. I bought double egg yolks.

I also love the mooncakes of Guangzhou Restaurant, I only eat lotus paste and egg yolk. The company used to work in Guangzhou issued mooncakes of this brand every year for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Now when I return to my hometown, I still miss the taste. This year, I bought two boxes online to relieve my greed.

Guangzhou Restaurant Brand Introduction

Guangzhou Restaurant was founded in 1935 and is known as 'the first restaurant in Guangzhou'. Guangzhou Restaurant was founded in the 1930s, formerly known as Southwest Restaurant. In 1935, the owner of Yingji Tea House on Guangfu South Road, Chen Xinghai, took a fancy to this location and opened a restaurant here, named Southwest Restaurant because the shop faces southwest. The restaurant was destroyed by fire in 1938. In the winter of 1940, Chen Xinghai, Guan Lemin, Liao Bi and others raised stocks to rebuild and resume business, and renamed Southwest Restaurant as Guangzhou Restaurant with the meaning of 'Food in Guangzhou'. In February 1950, Guangzhou Restaurant closed its business, and later Cai Weihan invested in it and resumed business. After a public-private partnership in February 1956, it became a state-owned enterprise. From the late 1950s to the late 1970s, Guangzhou restaurants were in short supply of raw materials in the catering industry. On the one hand, they developed melons, vegetables, sweet potatoes and other materials as substitutes for fillings and fillings to ensure popular supply; on the other hand, they studied cooking. Technology, to create famous dishes for the 'Canton Fair'.

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