How much is the McDonald's Alexander Wang co-branded bag-where to buy

by:JIYALI     2021-07-11

McDonald’s and alexander wang brought a blockbuster joint series this time. In addition to the brand new McDonald’s snacks, Alexander Wang also launched a limited black gold basket and a handbag this time, so where can these joint lists be bought? What?

How much is the McDonald’s Alexander Wang co-branded bag

The McDonald’s x alexander wang black gold basket is made of rattan, leather, metal and other materials. Each basket is uniquely coded and is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, priced at 5888 yuan, fashionable and rare.

McDonald’s x alexander wang black gold M handbag uses DuPont™ Tyvek® material to present a cowhide texture, light weight, toughness, waterproof and dustproof, priced at 99 yuan, environmental protection and modern.

Where can I buy the McDonald’s Alexander Wang co-branded bag?

It is available at the McDonald’s Tmall flagship store and the McDonald’s applet.

McDonald's China teamed up with internationally renowned Chinese designer Alexander Wang to create a trendy feast of 'King's Black Gold' across the border. Starting from December 10th, McDonald's will launch the black gold basket (the global limited edition of 300) and the black gold M handbag designed by Alexander Wang himself at its official flagship store on Tmall. On December 25th, McDonald's will launch the 'King's Black Gold' series of cuisines in more than 3,200 restaurants across the country. The 'Black Gold Bucket' designed by Alexander Wang will bring a stylish and simple trend to McDonald's delicacy.

Is the McDonald's Alexander Wang co-branded limited edition?

The black gold vegetable basket is limited.

McDonald’s and the famous designer Alexander Wang jointly launched the 'Black Gold Vegetable Basket' and 'Black Gold M Clutch, And a two-week limited-time McDonald’s black gold barrel priced at 88 yuan. Heijinlanzi is made of black rattan and Italian leather. Each bag is printed with an exclusive code. The DuPont paper clutch is inspired by McDonald’s takeaway paper bags and is made of DuPont paper.

Brand introduction of Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is a young Chinese designer in New York. ) The brand's women's clothing and accessories design are both well received and popular. Not only has it won many awards in the fashion industry from CFDA and others, but the sales of Alexander Wang's fashion have also been on the rise. Whether in the Alexander Wang brand women's clothing or men's clothing, you can feel the designer's disdain for luxury life and the paranoia of the free spirit of their own good.

In addition to designing clothes for these young people, Alexander Wang also designs clothes for some fashion VIPs or celebrities, such as popular idols Rachel Bilson, Victoria Traina, Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Ashlee Simpson And so on, they are very fond of Alexander Wang brand women's clothing and accessories.

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