How much is the Mansuriel bag? European and American stars must go out on the street

by:JIYALI     2021-06-25

Mansouril's bags can be seen in many street shots, especially European and American stars, who seem to like this brand's bags especially, then, how many Mansouril's bags are in general? Where's the money?

How much is the Mansuriel bag

The price of the Mansuriel bag is around 4000~8000.

Strict quality control, limited production principles, and 100% Made in Italy, are all its plus points. More importantly, as long as the price is light and luxurious, you can hold it in your arms. The classic black and red large size is $495, and the medium size is only $460; even if the craftsmanship is a little bit more complicated, the price of the blue schoolbag will not exceed $1000.

How about the Mansuriel bag

Mansuriel black bucket backpack. I bought it two years ago. At that time, I fancy this bag because KarlieKloss has a long history. Carry it, but what kind of bag doesn’t look good on a small KK! There are three sizes, large, medium and small. I bought a large size. At that time, I thought it could fit in a computer, but because there is no inner tank... this kind of bag is still in a sloppy shape. Alright, the black shows the red inside and looks very nice~

Mansuriel, or MG for short, this brand is a light luxury product abroad, but a luxury product in China. The design can be described as simple but not simple, low-key and gorgeous. The craftsmanship seems simple but it is very difficult. The high-temperature compression treatment of Italian top layer cowhide makes the skin tough and stylish without losing flexibility. You can check the official website for its popularity. It may not be available in order to queue up. It is known as a rare fashion item than Hermès and chanel ~ black classic all-match, whether it is formal casual sportswear, hold it! The most cost-effective, this year It depends on it to attract attention in winter!

Mansuril brand details

Mansur Gavriel was established in the United States and is a subsidiary of Mansuril Group Co., Ltd. Brand. The brand is based on the design concept of 'natural, concise and versatile'. The interior of the bag is designed with a brightly colored coating. The appearance is simple and restrained, low-key and gorgeous. The leather raw materials used are all from the world's most exquisite tannery production area-Italy; the leather fiber structure is firm, the board surface is plump, and the flexibility is strong.

In 2014, Mansur Gavriel (Mansur Gavriel) became popular all over the world with its original bucket bag design. It once attracted many big-name celebrities, fashion bloggers and trendy people. Many international big-name stars such as Kirsten Dunst, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, etc. are loyal fans of Mansur Gavriel.

Mansuriel bag maintenance method

1. Use the supplied cloth bag

The bag usually comes with a dust bag, every time it is used up After the leather bag, it should be put back into the cloth bag. Many times people ignore this step because of laziness. If you are really not using the bag, remember to stuff the empty bag with some newspapers or old clothes out of the shape and put it in a dust bag for storage.

Second, leather products need oil

Our leather products need oil to maintain their luster, just like we often polish shoe polishes for leather shoes. If there are cracks on the surface of the leather bag, lightly apply a common hand cream or face cream in one layer, and there will be unexpected results.

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