How much is the dog head backpack bnu dog head backpack genuine price

by:JIYALI     2021-07-27

This dog head backpack from BNU has attracted attention recently. This bag is a bit scary at first glance, but it is actually quite cute when it grows longer. Let’s take a look at the requirements of this dog head backpack. How much does it cost to buy it.

How much is the dog head backpack

Brand: bnu

Name: BNU animal backpack dog head backpack

Item No.: D173160

Size: Medium

Texture: Latex+PU

Lining material: Polyester

Price: 1629RMB

Dog head backpack size

This dog head backpack is 21cm wide and 31cm high.

The design of the BNU backpack is very exquisite, and it will incorporate some current popular elements, blending exquisiteness and fashion perfectly, and it is very creative.

Where can I buy the dog head backpack?

The dog meat backpack on Weibo’s hot search comes from the bag brand BNU. If you want to buy it, you can buy it at the BNU Tmall flagship store Bought.

BNU bag design is very young, very in line with the aesthetics of young people. The durability of the bag is also relatively high, the material is advanced, and the craftsmanship is particularly good, so it is particularly popular among women.

How to look good on a backpack

Speaking of backpacks, it seems that they are only used for travel or sports. In fact, the structure of backpacks is constantly changing, and it has become a trend for people to wear them out of the street. A must-have item, and there are more and more ways to carry backpacks. MM who likes backpacks might as well try to carry the backpack directly in their hands, and then wear a beautiful dress, instantly giving people a kind of ladylike style. In addition, by only carrying one side, you can also become a street eye-catching goddess like a hipster.

Backpacks do not have to be carried on the shoulders, but if you need to carry heavy objects or walk a long distance when going to climb mountains or travel, it is recommended to carry them on your shoulders properly to reduce the burden on your shoulders. . In addition, even if you carry it on your shoulders, as long as you match it with distinctive clothes, it can be very fashionable and beautiful, such as carrying a hip-hop style backpack, and then wearing a white top and ripped jeans. Is it unique?

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