How much is Dongdaemun rainbow bag_dongdaemun rainbow bag counter price

by:JIYALI     2021-07-10

Recently, the circle of friends was swiped by the Rainbow Bag from Dongdaemun in South Korea. The color change effect is so beautiful that I can’t help but want to grow grass. So how much is the Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag? The editor below provides you with the Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag counter price.

Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag Price

Size: Small

Popular Style Name: Lingge Chain Bag

Applicable Object: Youth

Style: Crossbody bag

Backpack style: crossbody one-shoulder hand hold

Texture: PU

Material craft: Shiny surface

Type: chain handle

Close method: zipper

Luggage outer bag type: three-dimensional bag

Popular elements: lattice

pattern :Geometric pattern

With or without interlayer: None

Luggage hardness: soft

Whether it is foldable: Yes

Color: new


Scenario: Casual

Item No.: 5*8 Gypsophila

Style: Japanese and Korean

Shape: dumpling

Shoulder strap style: Single

Lining material: Polyester

Price: 188

Dongdaemun rainbow bag experience

I wanted to go out with Herbag on my back today, but who knew that my rainbow bag arrived. I read the Dongdaemun version and then look at this. Don’t be too tall. The rainbow square on the bag feels a little fluffy, and the light is different Sometimes it will reflect different three-dimensional gloss, which is really beautiful. The whole bag is like a deformed steel, tiled as shown in Figure 1, it can be concave shape after being decorated with things inside. The bag capacity is amazing. Basically, you can put everything you usually want to take out. This is a one-to-one version with LOGO. I memorized it today. Many people saw this bag at a glance. Tangtang said that the real thing looks better than the picture. It is estimated that this rainbow bag will appear frequently when you look at my photos this summer.

Evaluation of Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag

The colorful rainbow bag madeinkorea produced by Dongdaemun presents different colors under different light. It has a luminous effect. It can be slanted and can be held by hand. A bag of multi-purpose chain straps The length can be adjusted, it can be disassembled, and it can also be used as a cosmetic bag. The capacity of fried chicken is a portable mommy bag~ Needless to say, I keep it myself.

Size: upper width 28cm lower width 21cm height 18cm bottom width 7cm chain length 120cm chain can be adjusted and disassembled, weighs about 0.35kg, which is 6 taels, can be crossed diagonally on one shoulder Hold a variety of memorization methods in your hand to satisfy your little willfulness. Rainbow bag, yellow, red and blue are arranged in different order. They are not exactly the same. The surface is frosted and it will reflect the night light. The colorful starry sky black and colorful starry purple surface can touch the glitter, the actual object is very shiny, and it may be a little off after rubbing The pink and gypsophila fabric is smooth, and the glitter is wrapped in a transparent fabric, so it will not fall off. Please rest assured to place an order.

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