How much is a Yoshida bag? How about Yoshida bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

Yoshida bags are very popular nowadays. The bags of this brand are simple and generous in design, very versatile, and of good quality. They are very popular in Japan. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how much the Yoshida bag generally costs? How about Yoshida bag?

How much is a Yoshida bag in general?

The price of a Yoshida bag is generally around two or three thousand, which is considered a relatively high-end bag brand in Japan.

PORTER originated from Yoshida, Japan. Yoshida agreed in writing in 1989 to Taiwan GALLANT Co., Ltd. to register and use PORTER and its related trademarks in regions and countries outside of Japan. Porter International Company Limited (Porter International Company Limited) was transferred to this right in 2001 and developed the PORTER international version, deriving PORTER into a global international brand. The two companies develop their own brands and are not affiliated with each other.

How about the Yoshida bag

The PORTER Yoshida bag made its debut. Note that I am talking about the porter made in Japan, not the porter international of Taiwan.

Since I was pregnant with my second treasure, the task of taking Dabao out to play was left to my father to complete it alone. He disliked the pigeon mommy backpack at home very much, and the new Kipling one-shoulder mommy bag was inconvenient and pleasant. So I have been looking for a backpack that is suitable for freeing my hands, with texture and low-key luxury... Did I give the Gucci backpack canvas bag that I fancy at first (what? whynot? More than ten thousand canvas bag you tell mewhy!) Xun Xun Mi finally took a fancy to this one. Japan direct mail EMS is available without tax, and the workmanship is very good. (Beauty and wisdom coexist, force style and practicality fly together.)

The price of the bag is 46,440 yen, which happened to coincide with a sharp rise in the Japanese yen... plus purchasing fees and other things. , Originally 2500 yuan RMB rose to 3200 yuan abruptly. Fortunately, it was not taxed.

Actually, I don't know exactly what is the entanglement between this porter and that porterinternational? But it must be different...and extremely similar. At the simplest point of view, there is a row of international less at the feet of the villain carrying the bag on the logo. This is the difference.

The method of bag selection


The style of the schoolbag is still according to personal preference. Of course, it depends on the purpose. To go out to play, you need to use a backpack and a waist bag, and to work with a lightweight briefcase. If you like to have personality, you can also buy a punk bag or a tassel bag.


The color of the bag must be matched with the clothes, so if there is only one bag, it is not enough. Of course, if you only have one piece of clothing, you can use a bag. such as. If you are wearing orange, green and yellow tops today, choose a fruit-green bag or an orange bag that will look very beautiful. Of course, black is a versatile bag, if there is really no bag to match, black bag can also be an emergency.


The size is definitely based on personal needs. If you travel far, you must want a bag with a larger content. When going out with friends, just bring a chest bag or waist bag that can hold a cell phone, money, and tissues. For work, just choose a handbag that is a little larger than the A4 file.


The price must be based on your own affordability. There are tens of thousands of bags, there is no need to see other people purchasing brand-name bags, you have to buy a rechargeable storefront. Although you have a good bag in your hand, it is not suitable for you without the temperament that can carry it.

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