How much is a Valentino bag? Female celebrities all rely on it

by:JIYALI     2021-07-06

I believe everyone is familiar with Valentino's bags. Fan Bingbing is about to become her family's promotion ambassador. Many styles of bags are very beautiful. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how much Valentino bags cost?

The price of Valentino bags

Valentino's bags are generally priced from 10,000 to 50,000 yuan, which belong to the luxury bag level. Almost every female star in her family loves her bags. Very exquisite and luxurious, it is worth buying one.

How about Valentino bag

The bag is Valentino2017 spring and summer model, pink leather, very soft, it is not very easy to put things and very practical. I haven't seen it much on Xiaohongshu. I bought it on the last day of 2016. When I entered the store, I saw that this felt very suitable for me. It was really cute on my back and it was a girl on the crossbody. The male ticket readily said that he would give me a New Year's Day gift. Otherwise, decide according to how fast your personality is not hot, this is the fastest bag I bought, and I have never seen or planted grass in the early stage. These two months were carried every day, especially light. Sometimes wearing a thick coat, I would always subconsciously touch the bag to confirm that the bag was still in good condition.

The brand Valentino that was crazy in college when I was in college, the bag is of good quality, durable and easy to carry. This bag was bought in Hawaii during the university graduation season last June, and it is also available now. Selling, I liked several colors very much at the time, as well as cherry blossom powder. When I bought it, I struggled with the color for a long time. The shopping guide said that red is stain-resistant and durable, and pink jeans may be stained with color. In view of my spoilt character, I bought red hahaha. I really feel that I bought the right color and used it for more than a year. I can't see any traces of dirt or damage. It is frequently used, and it is also a leather bag that is suitable for frequent use. I love all kinds of cowhide, because it is applicable.

There are many ways to carry this bag, which is also its advantage. The chain can be long or short, and it can be cross-body and one-shoulder. Bad. The trumpet I bought feels large enough. I really like the square bag, it is better to put things, as shown in Figure 4, my out-of-home standard, power bank, card bag, small wallet are also OK, air cushion lipstick, and camera phones are essential hahaha. It feels very suitable for any occasion, and the price/performance ratio is extremely high. At that time, Hawaii bought a little bit more than two thousand dollars, about 11 thousand yuan in renminbi-I thought it was worth it. If you are entangled in buying a bag, you want to buy a multi-functional bag, and you want to look good and durable, then choose this one, it is recommended.

Valentino’s rivet bag is the most beautiful nail bag. Although this bag is beautifully backed by ice, it has not changed into a street bag and the rate of hitting the bag is not high. . The rivet, as a classic element of Valentino, is particularly well matched with the metal chain, and it really achieves the balance between the mother and the man. First of all, there are many ways to carry this bag. It can be used as a wideband handbag. It is a casual way to go shopping. If you change the long chain back, you should match Valentino's various fairy skirts. If you wear handsome If it’s a little bit, it’s the back of the clutch, so this bag is really worth it! But it also has shortcomings. Sheepskin and rivets are really hurt, and I still have to take good care of it!

Valentino’s Liu Both the nail bag and the Balenciaga locomotive bag are super favorites. I have been hesitating which one to start with. Last year I saw the Balenciaga town series. At that time, there was a 30% discount in the discount season and the colors were also very full. I went to the shopping guide and said that I would never produce again. I always feel that his city is still so different from what I want in my heart. I just dragged the wood and started! It happened to be off this week, and I went to Paris discounts with men's tickets. Village, when I entered the valentino store, I saw this orange bag at a glance. I haven’t seen this orange bag for three years. Friends, we hit it right away, and we won it without any hesitation. The upper body of this bag is super beautiful, but you must be careful and careful, because the lambskin is not very wear-resistant, so be careful when you carry it out.

Where can I buy Valentino bags?

If Valentino’s bags are not bad, can I go directly to her counter? This is the most convenient and quickest, and you can also see the bags In kind. If you want to get a discount, you can only go abroad, or look for purchasing agents. There are also some overseas online shopping websites that you can occasionally encounter very good prices!

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