How much is a Bulgari bag? Italian bags with fatal appeal

by:JIYALI     2021-06-30

Many girls like Bulgari's bags very much, especially her classic snake-head bag, which is very stunning and looks very beautiful on back. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how much Bulgari bags cost? How about Italian bags with fatal appeal?

How much is the Bulgari bag?

Bvlgari’s bags are basically 15000+. The bags using rare snake skin and crocodile skin will be more expensive. You can go Look at Bulgari's official website, and many of her bags are classic models that are worth collecting.

How about the Bulgari bag

The first bag in 2018, I bought the Bulgari snake head bag green, and now I find that buying a bag depends on fate. My daigou arrived in South Korea on January 1st. At the beginning of the month, it was replenished so I bought a super hard-to-buy green. At that time, the daigou was bought for others. It is said that only two greens arrived and there will be no more in three months, so The daigou bought both of them, but she just stocked them.

I originally wanted to buy Chanel’s cf this year, but the purchasing agent did not buy it, so I asked her to stock up on this Bulgari green to me, because the green Bulgari Li, I have also planted grass, and I heard that Bulgari is going to increase the price on the 15th of this month, so I accepted this one. The price I bought was US$2,350, and the exchange rate was 6.7 plus 100 purchasing fee, which is 15845 yuan in RMB. South Korea should be cheaper, with more than 2W in China, 1W8 in Kuala Lumpur, 2W in the United States, and 22,300 Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong. This is the approximate price I know so far, so it is a good deal compared to South Korea.

Regarding the color number, I began to entangle green and white. White was really beautiful. Later, I thought that white is difficult to manage, and dark green is a classic model. I don’t have this color either. I can remember it now or in the future. , After getting it, I found that it was really correct. The reason why the classic color is popular is that it is durable, elegant and temperamental. If you start with the Bulgari snake head bag, it is still recommended to choose the classic color. It is absolutely correct, and then update the picture after taking a picture of the upper body.

I first saw the Bulgari snake head bag is actually a small rectangular single chain. I want to buy it. It should be two or three thousand cheaper. Mainly I think the rectangular bag looks good. , But Daigou told me that the small size can’t hold anything, the medium size is the most suitable, and there was no small green at the time, and then I looked at the small upper body picture of the little red book girl who seemed to be really small, so he accepted the medium size. The photo looks great, but the upper body effect will not be particularly great. My height is 172, which is definitely a medium size. Moreover, there are many spaces in the two grids, and visual inspection can hold a lot of things.

Bulgari is famous for jewelry, so the snake head and chain are really unique and delicate. At that time, it was also its snake head and chain that attracted me. There is an exquisite mirror, raincoat, and cleaning cloth inside. It is really a delicate little princess in the bag. This bag looks pretty big, but it’s lighter than I thought. Before, I saw someone said that you have to hold the chain with your hands to keep this bag from breaking. Now it feels very light to hold it. Not so exaggerated. I highly recommend it!

Where can I buy Bulgari bags?

You can buy Bulgari bags at her counter, but the prices in China are generally high. I believe everyone is very clear about this. If there is a reliable purchasing agent, it is of course the best. If not, you can also pay attention to some overseas shopping websites. There are often activities on them.

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