How much does Longxiang dumplings cost? longchamp dumpling bun price

by:JIYALI     2021-07-27

Longchamp's dumpling bun has always been a masterpiece of her family. Basically, it is very popular in foreign countries. Although this dumpling bun looks ordinary, it is very good to use. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how much Longxiang dumplings are? What is the price of longchamp dumpling buns?

Price of Longchamp dumpling bag

Brand: longchamp

Name: Longchamp le pliage nylon folding dumpling bag

Place of origin: France

Material: Nylon

Price: 759rmb

Longchamp dumpling bag introduction

I don’t know when, a Longchamp nylon bag from France has become popular all over the world. , People affectionately call it dumplings. From celebrity aristocrats to fashionable ladies, from petty bourgeois white-collar workers to students, dumplings have almost become a universal bag without borders, ages, and matching burdens. Its affordable prices, exquisite workmanship, lightweight and practical folding concept and versatile styles instantly spread in China. It is said that this dumpling bag has sold 13 million pieces worldwide since it went on the market in 1993, and almost one is sold on the streets of France. It is known as the French national bag.

How about Longchamp Dumpling Buns

The Valentine’s Day gift of the student party, Longchamp dumplings, because they are still students, give me a good-looking bag that can be carried back to school It's so pleasing. When I saw the male ticket, I felt that I could carry it on my back every day. It was more cost-effective than my expensive but infrequent bag, so I didn’t know where it was, so I sent it as a Valentine’s Day gift. Needless to say, Longchamp’s dumpling buns are famous. I bought a khaki before. It has been in class for almost a year. It’s about to rot and then I don’t need it. I can put my computer, books, and all kinds of miscellaneous things. ! The leather handles are also very textured, so you won’t be tired when you pick them up~ It’s worth mentioning that the cherry blossom pink color is especially girly~ Spring is coming anyway.

When I first arrived in London last year, I heard from my classmates that dumpling buns are like grocery shopping buns, and there is only one foreign student. So I paid close attention to observe that it was indeed like the subway, the bus, or the rushing pedestrians, anyway, I felt that one out of every three people carried dumplings. . . Although I am an arrogant young man who doesn't like to bump into other people's bags, I was finally defeated by its cost-effectiveness and practicality. When I returned to China during the Christmas holiday last year, I took the first dumpling bag when I was transferring at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

I used to recite in class last year because the material is nylon. Anyway, I don’t care too much about whether it’s dirty or not. I don’t feel distressed. I threw it under my feet in class. I never washed it before. I don’t know. Can it be's stain resistant anyway. The load-bearing capacity is very good. I have no problem when I go out to play all kinds of stuffing things inside. I just feel that my right shoulder will be low and sad now. All kinds of overweight feelings have also reduced its service life, but so long has passed. , After so much torture, the handle of the bag is still very strong and durable. I am very relieved. The thief who spends this money is great value.

Longchamp brand details

Longchamp, a French luxury leather goods brand, was founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. Jean Cassegrain (Jean Cassegrain) launched the world's first pipe cover made of luxurious leather, and then gradually expanded the product category from smoking sets to other leather products, such as wallets, passport holders, etc. Longchamp's product design categories include leather handbags, bags, shoes, travel goods, fashion accessories and women's ready-to-wear series. Longchamp has more than 1,500 retail stores in more than 80 countries around the world, including more than 300 boutique stores located on world-renowned and renowned streets. Longchamp’s breakthrough development lies in the use of nylon materials in the design of leather goods. In the 1970s, Longchamp produced the first leather and nylon spliced u200bu200bsuitcase. Compared with the common suitcases of that era, Longchamp's suitcases are very light. This design is the predecessor of the LePliage series of folding handbags decades later.

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