How long is the strap of the messenger bag depends on your height

by:JIYALI     2021-06-26

The length of the chain of a messenger bag generally depends on each person's height. Generally speaking, the length around the crotch is a very suitable length. If it is too far away, it will be awkward to look at it on its back.

How long is the strap of the messenger bag?

Because everyone's height is different, the length of the chain bag can't fit everyone. The reasonable position of the chain bag is a little bit on the waist until the crotch. , Too short or too long will look awkward. Each messenger bag has a strap, but most of the length is not fixed and can be adjusted freely. Therefore, adjust the length of the strap to a suitable range before carrying it, and it is best to adjust the bag just to the waist.

Whether the messenger bag chain is longer or shorter

In fact, the chain length is good. The shorter bag is at the waist when it is cross-body, and the longer is at the hip, mainly It is to place the bags in the correct position, and more importantly, have their own attitude.

What to do if the strap of the messenger bag is too long

First, you can cut the strap short, then use a punch to make the hole, put it back in the original method, and adjust it to suit you The length of the body shape.

Secondly, directly adjust the strap to the most suitable length within the adjustable range. Note that after adjustment, it is best to wrap around the waist.

Finally, when shopping, you should pay attention to choosing a messenger bag that suits you. Don't blindly pursue good looks and fashion, regardless of the length of the strap.

How to match a crossbody bag

1Crossbody bag+wool coat+knitwear+leggings+snow boots

grey woolen coat with striped knit A shirt and a cute brown messenger bag, plus a pair of black leggings and a pair of khaki snow boots. It's super sweet and beautiful, so you might as well try it.

2Crossbody bag+base skirt+short coat+single shoes

Black casual skirt, short coat, plus a pair of fashionable shoes, and a temperament diagonal The satchel is sweet and lovely, giving people a well-behaved texture, and showing a temperament at a reduced age.

3Crossbody bag + turtleneck sweater + lace-up overcoat + high heel boots

The black turtleneck towel and short skirt give people a sense of lady, if the back is red and fashionable The messenger bag makes people look more charming. It is recommended to wear short boots with stiletto heels, which is full of fashion.

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