How long does the proofing cycle of a leather factory generally take?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-13
When many customers find leather goods manufacturers to make samples, they will consult the time of proofing. The proofing time of each leather goods processing factory is different, so how long is the proofing cycle?

In fact, there are quite a lot of leather goods proofing processes. After the customer places the proofing sheet, the leather goods factory docking customer will place the proofing sheet to the documentary clerk of the leather goods factory, and the documentary clerk of the leather goods processing factory will make the proofing. Order to reach the procurement and proofing team, the purchaser is responsible for going out to purchase raw materials, and the proofing team is responsible for production. Generally, the fastest proofing cycle is 7 days, and the slowest is 9-15 days. If there is a special situation that causes the proofing time to be extended, the general leather goods factory will give the customer an answer in advance.

If it is necessary to make samples in the leather goods factory and the hardware needs to be opened, then it will take time for the hardware to open the mold, plus the sampling cycle is about 15-25 days , It mainly depends on when the hardware that needs mold opening will be given to the proofing team. If there are many proofing products, the factory will give the customer a reply. The proofing cycle and the production cycle are subject to what the leather processing manufacturer says.

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