How is the quality of the scarecrow leather bag? Is the scarecrow leather bag good?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-21

The Scarecrow has a certain reputation as a brand. The most common one is the leather goods of Scarecrow. Now that there are so many bags to choose from, what is the quality of Scarecrow's bags.

How is the quality of the Scarecrow leather bag

The brand of Scarecrow is still quite famous, and now the small brand of Scarecrow is not bad, and it is more casual. Although the Scarecrow is not a big brand, the price-performance ratio Scarecrow is fairly high.

Is the scarecrow leather bag good?

The scarecrow is a magical brand. Many people know her. From the scarecrow leather bag to the wallet, to the shoes, clothes, etc., the Scarecrow has expanded its product line It stretches to a long, long time. In fact, the most popular product of Scarecrow is leather goods, namely leather bags. On the Internet, scarecrow leather goods have been welcomed by all parties.

How is the price of a scarecrow leather bag?

Generally, the price of short wallet is 59-149, the price of long wallet is 69-199, and the price of single-layer handbags generally does not exceed 200 , The double layer does not exceed 350, and the women's models are generally more affordable than the men's models.

How about the style of the scarecrow leather bag

It is a good match for summer clothes, the leather is soft, the workmanship is fine, the capacity is just right, it is easy to carry when going to work and shopping, the workmanship is very meticulous, simple and generous, not too Big and not too small.

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