How is the quality of the hot air bag? What is the price of hot air bags?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-28

I believe that many people have bought bags in Hot Air. There are still many styles of bags in her house, and they are all designed very fashionable, and there are also many big-name imitations. The following editor on No.5 will tell you about the quality of hot air bags? What is the price of hot air bags?

How about the quality of the hot air bag

The hot air female bag, the bag that has been chopped recently, this hot air female bag is simple in style, soft in leather, more atmospheric, and has a pretty temperament. The key is that it can be used for both purposes. There is also a small bag inside, which can be single-backed. It is not seen as an inner bag. It is basically a bag that can be carried on the outside. If it doesn't work, you can send it to mom, this color is also suitable for her haha. The last picture is a mini smiley female bag, cute and very versatile. I usually put it in my bag: mobile phone paper towel lipstick key banknotes. I guess it won’t work if there are more. The capacity is suitable for me.

This hot air frosted jelly bag is a small messenger bag, with burgundy nude color and green, and finally chose green. I think the green one is very beautiful and very special, the real thing looks better and the photos are not good.

The 'bag' is a hot air bag for curing all kinds of diseases~ It was sold in Hot Air a few years ago. The cowhide and leather are thicker than my coach. I liked it a lot. You can stuff a lot of things. Now I rarely carry it. Up. Hot air’s current bag styles are really imitating all kinds of big-name hot models, some of which are made of cowhide, the price is only a few hundred, and there is no logo, in fact, it is quite affordable.

The hot wind little yellow packet, maybe because I am a very yellow and violent person, and I can't resist yellow. I found that the hot air bag is very beautiful. Recently, it is sold at the tag price of 229 in the store and 199 online. Really bright and lively colors.

The hot summer small purses and small card bags. When I went shopping, I saw that there were many people doing activities. When I went in, I saw that the wallet was so cheap. It is more convenient to buy two small bags in the summer. . The card holder is two-layer cowhide, and the woven zipper wallet is made of sheepskin, which feels good and feels very comfortable. The small card bag of cherry blossom powder looks particularly good~

The hot air bag is smaller than expected, and there is an inner pocket inside. The two can be carried separately. The bag does not count. It’s big, but the shape and color are super salary. I liked it at first sight, so although the capacity is a bit small, I chose to keep it. Anyway, the small bag is quite suitable for summer. There are three colors in the bag. I chose the favorite pink, no color difference, pink and tender, it looks good~

What price is the hot air bag?

The bags of hot air family are generally around one or two hundred , The cost performance is particularly high, the quality of the hot air is still worthy of guarantee, and there are many imitation luxury brand styles that are particularly good-looking.

What age is the hot air bag suitable for?

There are many styles of hot air bag. No matter what age you are, you can find one that suits you, and there are both male and female models. Everyone Go shopping if you have time.

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