How is the quality of Lu Xinyuan's bags? Which Lu Xinyuan bag is the most classic?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-11

The most well-known editor of Lu Xinyuan is its hand cream products, but in addition to hand cream products, there are also a variety of bags that have been very popular among users. The following editor will tell everyone Talk about the quality of Lu Xinyuan's bags.

Which Lu Xinyuan bag is the most classic

Youk shim won——bag

The brand is also known as Lu Xinyuan, named after the creator, a very well-known Korean illustrator, each A girl image full of dreamy colors brings art closer to life!

About 158440 won, 970 RMB

Printed orange pillow bag

The quality of the baby is very good, very cool. The bag is also made of leather and has a large capacity! Overall it is very good and I like it! Will continue to pay attention to your home, the details are well done, and the hardware is also good! Very cute, the pattern is very clear, very versatile, I like to look good! Like it.

Pros: The quality is very good, and the details are in place.

Disadvantages: Dear, I am very satisfied with this bag! There are no shortcomings in my mind.

The appearance of the bag, the hand strap is wrapped with a layer of packaging, two zippers, the zipper on both sides is less worn and convenient, the strap is designed with a belt buckle, so that the strap is not monotonous, and the inside is stuffed The paper ball is used to prevent the bag from deforming. The workmanship inside is very careful, the quality is very good, the height of 165cm is cross-body effect, the baby is a little fat after giving birth, and the hand-held effect is also great!

Advantages: good quality, There is no smell. Whether it’s hand-carried or cross-carried, it looks good. It's a young girl.

Disadvantage: If the color is a little bit red, it will look beautiful

Lu Xinyuan mini square bag

For the overall feeling of this bag, the workmanship and hardware are very good. The leather of the bag has toughness and no peculiar smell. The main reason is that the characters are printed particularly well and the color is bright. At this price, it is more cost-effective, and the seller sees it. It is also more careful, and a full set of brand equipment should be provided. Gifts were also given away. The outer packaging tag should be complete, and it will be very face-to-face when giving gifts. The wiring is neatly arranged. At first glance, it is a product from a large formal factory. The inside is also lined with the Lu Xinyuan logo. The materials are complete, there are no edges or breakage.

One of the souls of the zipper bag is the zipper. The store’s zipper is very strong, and it is made by YKK, the world’s best zipper manufacturer. The upper and lower chain position design is very user-friendly, and the chain is connected to the hardware. There is also a brand logo, and the chain hardware used is particularly good, thick and strong. There is no decolorization at present. , A good bag will have perfect details. The inner zipper closure is neatly made, and the grade is immediately highlighted. The large nails are particularly flashing, and there are no burrs around, peeling phenomenon, and the workmanship is in place. , And won't get involved.

Advantages: Although the bag is small, the internal space is still quite large. There is no pressure to put the iphone6 u200bu200bin, and the 6plus is slightly tighter. It is ok when placed diagonally.

Disadvantages: the small space around the bag Dingding pierces your hands a little, if you replace it with a round head, it will be fine. There are ragged edges at the interface of the bottom of the bag, the bag is a bit heavy, and the heavy chain is a bit sloppy.

Of course, there are still many styles of Lu Xinyuan's bags. The above is a selection of several styles for your reference.

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