How is the quality of Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag_Does Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag look good?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-10

South Korea’s Dongdaemun 2017 launched a new rainbow bag with gypsophila, which will change color depending on the light, so I really want to grow grass. So how is the quality of the Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag? Does the Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag look good?

How about the Dongdaemun Rainbow Bag

The colorful rainbow style, with a luminous effect, a slanted clutch bag, multi-purpose, adjustable chain strap length Removable and can also be used as a cosmetic bag. Size: Length 29cm×Height 18cm. It's exploded again, the rainbow bag is really foreign, don't ask me the material, acrylic? Who knows, I can't help but buy it. A must-have item for the goddess.

The rainbow series of bags are the hottest this year, showing different colors according to the sun's rays. This season is absolutely beautiful and will shine in the evening. And it's not the heavy and hard material that used to be. This quality is very, very light, soft, and has a super large capacity. It's OK to match any clothes in summer. Between you and the Internet celebrity, there is still a rainbow bag.

I don’t know how it’s popular, I saw it when I was browsing Moments. At first I thought it was a cosmetic bag, but I thought that a cosmetic bag is so good-looking, but later I found out that I can carry it back. I am also touching. It looks good after I bought it, but the color is too high-profile and it takes a little courage to go out. I don’t know what the clothes look like.

Does the Dongdaemun rainbow bag look good?

The bag at this stall in Dongdaemun is the best in style and quality, and I always have to come to his house to buy it. The rainbow bag is a popular one in Dongdaemun recently. It looks so good that it can be used as a clutch or cross-body. The one-shoulder summer returns are 100%. The quality of the Korean stall rainbow bag is different from that of domestic production. Someone ordered 1,700 rainbow bags at his house. I was envious and jealous. I can imagine how hot this bag is. This one is also sold very well. It just happened to be in stock today. It has been out of stock before. It looks great in summer. It's special, it will never hit the bag.

The most beautiful bag this year is to count the same rainbow bag of Issey Miyake Dongdaemun. Every time I go to Dongdaemun, I am attracted by this bag. The bright look looks super cool. At first, I was worried about the bad quality, and then touched it that the quality was really good beyond imagination, and there was no heaviness on the back. The workmanship of the chain is also great. A bag worth buying by fairies.

Dongdaemun rainbow bag experience

Rainbow bag is rainbow color as its name implies, so color matching is very important. If you are not careful, it will be very low. Genuine and market products are the same in the sky and the underground. Please note that the color scheme of each color of the rainbow bag is different, and the color will be different under different light. The real shot was taken under warm indoor light, and the color will be lighter under normal daylight. Moreover, the rainbow bag presents different colors under different light. Some luminous effects can be slanted, can be held by hand, can be single-shouldered, and a multi-purpose chain strap can be adjusted in length and can be disassembled.

This time I went to Korea to see this super porridge bag. I bought one before. It is a bit soft and collapsed. I don’t like it very much. No matter the color or the size, Suitable for summer, you can go shopping or travel. This kind of luminous at night, you can change the color, take one, it's beautiful.

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