How does the waist bag look good on the back? How to match the waist bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-18

The waist bag is a very popular style this year. It not only liberates your hands, but is also very fashionable. It has been very popular with celebrities recently, but there are also many people who don’t know how to match it and look like a conductor on its back. The following editor on No. 5 will teach you how to carry a pocket bag to look good? How to match the waist bag?

How to carry a waist bag to look good

From fashion week street fashion bloggers to popular idols in celebrity street photography, everyone has used their waist bags all the same time! Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry, RitaOra, Sarah JessicaParker, These well-known big-name celebrities don't forget to wear a bag around their waist when they go out, which adds a lot to the look! Fergie is a loyal fan of the waist bag, not to mention many, almost always like to bring it with him every time he goes out.

This mini Vintage Chanel by Sarah Jessica Parker is very cute. You can plug a mobile phone and tie it around your waist to instantly cut the golden ratio!

This white waist bag of fashion blogger Helena Bordon is also a simple style, which outlines the waistline ratio.

Speaking of Victoria Song, she is also a fan of fanny packs, and she perfectly demonstrates the law of waist-bag modification to the waist, and she uses her waist pack to enclose the figure of the big cousin. Feeling~~

Song Jia's PradaCahier is also a hot, styling weapon ~ The belt on the bag can be removed, and it is very Sweet with a shoulder strap, that is to say You can carry a bag diagonally, carry it on the waist, carry it on one shoulder and hold it in your hand!

Why is the waist bag popular?

The waist bag that evolved from sports can also become an avant-garde fashion list. Product, yes, the small waist bag can be used as a waist accessory or a belt, especially for simple dress, which can highlight the charm of the pocket waist bag. In addition to directly attaching it to a dress, you can also add one when you wear overalls or shorts. With it, even a simple suit will be particularly eye-catching. Isn’t it the best summer? Single product? Trends are always changing rapidly. Once a 'pocket bag' with one hand, it has been silently disappeared from the public's sight in the previous years, and it is no longer a 'popular item'. But in the past two years, the style of painting has suddenly changed. Whether it is a supermodel on the runway, a street fashion person, or a popular star, everyone has used the 'pocket bag' again and regarded it as the latest in concave shape. Sharp weapon!

How to maintain the bag

1. The leather bag should be careful not to get wet. If it gets wet, use a towel to absorb the moisture. Keep the leather dry to prevent the leather bag Folds and exploded skin.

2. In the process of using the leather bag, be careful not to drop it casually, and place it in a place that is not easy to scratch. If you throw away the bag at will, it will be easy to scratch the bag and peel off the skin.

3. Be careful not to put the leather bag in a high-temperature place or be exposed to the sun. The leather bag will be counted as the leather surface after being placed in a high-temperature place for a long time or exposed to the sun, causing discoloration and bursting of the skin.

4. Keep the frosted leather bag clean and don’t let the leather surface stained with dirt. Once there is dirt, it must be cleaned in time, otherwise the long-term dirt on the leather surface will corrode the skin. It is difficult to remove the dirt.

5. We all know that leather shoes should be treated with shoe polish regularly, and leather bags also need care. We can use the moisturizing skin care products we usually use to clean the bag and apply it on the leather surface Maintain the leather surface.

6. When cleaning and wiping the leather bag, be careful not to use a rough cloth. You can use the cotton or paper towel that you usually use to remove makeup and wipe the toner, so as to reduce the damage to the leather surface.

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