How does the leather manufacturer calculate the leather loss rate in custom bags?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-13
There are many custom-made bags customers who still don’t know what the loss of leather material means. Of course, some customers know that bags must be lost in production, but they don’t know how the loss rate is calculated. In fact, the loss of leather material is Refers to the proportion of the unusable part of the bag in the production process.

Whether it is a customized leather bag or a canvas bag, a certain amount of loss will occur during the production process, because different materials, different styles and sizes of bags will produce different loss rates and losses. The rate is also different.

When making cowhide bags, the loss rate of leather is 30%-50%, while the loss of fabrics such as canvas and nylon is 25%-35% In between, the loss rate of rare animal skins such as crocodile skin is about 100%-200%, and the loss of leather depends on the bag.

Usually, when the leather goods manufacturer calculates the product price when customizing the bag, the area of u200bu200bthe parts of the bag is in square inches. The leather weight unit is calculated in square feet, so the leather loss rate calculation formula when customizing the bag is as follows: (skin used × 144) ÷ total area of u200bu200bthe parts-1 u003d loss rate.

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