How does the bucket bag look good on the back? How does the bucket bag look good?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-23

The bucket bag is a must-have for many celebrities in street photography. It is very fashionable. Bucket bags have been very popular in recent years. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to carry a bucket bag that looks good on the back? How does the bucket bag look good?

How to back a bucket bag looks good

How to back a bucket bag looks good, if your must-have is a messenger bag or a backpack, then the bucket bag is the best single product for your concave shape! Whether it is AlexanderWang or Dior, all kinds of big-name show bags and accessories have never let go of the bucket bag, which indicates that the all-the-moment bucket bag has returned to the fashion stage. Compared with the previous bucket bags, this year's bucket bags have more elements and decorations, different fabrics, and even mini styles, various design bucket bags, are you willing to miss it? Spring is here, It's the season of fashionable girls carrying their beloved bucket bags and spending time in the sun! Although MANSURGAVRIEL bucket bags continue to be so popular, there are still a lot of girls who don't want to carry their bags. Don’t worry!

How to match the bucket bag with a good-looking

bucket bag + flight suit

As the most photographed jacket this year, the flight suit has long been one of the best If you want to stand out, matching is the key. A fashionable bucket bag is perfect to help you embellish your whole body look and attract attention.

Bucket bag + fur

Fur is no longer the exclusive of ladies and ladies, it has already become a sharp tool for fashionistas to use for concave shapes. Not only to keep warm from the cold, but also full of aura. Pair it with jeans and enjoy the street style. Take another bucket bag to increase the trendy index!

Bucket + leather

Short leather clothing with sports pants, this kind of mix and match is the most this year Trendy combination. Not only does it have a high rate of turning heads and has a maverick personality, it can also create long legs. With a clutch bag, it attracts the attention of the little expert!

The origin of the bucket bag

The bucket bag is a handbag that looks exactly like a bucket. The first bucket bag since its introduction in 1932 Noe, this round and playful design has become a classic bag. Since the first bucket bag Noe launched by LouisVuitton in 1932, this sleek and playful design has become a classic bag and has always been among the best on the ItBag rankings. Even if the trend is flickering and flickering, the bucket bag still has an undiminished charm and occupies an important position. Especially in the spring and summer of 2011, designers have insight into women's consideration of beauty and practicality, and even more vigorously promote bucket bags. Almost every brand has launched several bucket bags. While chasing the classics, I also don't forget to put on gorgeous new clothes: tassels, rivets, prints... the integration of various elements makes it more fashionable.

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