How does Nike check the authenticity? How does Nike see if it is genuine?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-18

Nike, as a well-known brand, is highly recognized by consumers. However, some businesses sell counterfeit products under the guise of discounting the Nike brand for personal gain. So, how can consumers avoid this consumption trap? How can I buy genuine Nike?

How can Nike check the authenticity to see the price?

If a pair of Nike shoes has the amount marked on its official website, but it is sold at a very low price in other Taobao stores (half price must be Added), then you have reason to doubt its authenticity. Because in order to maintain the prices of products on the existing market, as an official, they will not deal with products through too low discounts. This is not only Nike’s regulations, but many brands are like this.

Look at the LOGO

Although the genuine and fake Nike trademarks are made very similar, you can still see some subtle differences in your own identification. The real Nike trademark is round, delicate and smooth. The fake ones will be deformed or even add some special imperceptible trademarks to mislead consumers.

Look at the barcode

Note: If the barcode of your Nike shoes can be scanned by the mobile phone scanning software, then these shoes must be fake, because the barcode of real Nike shoes cannot be scanned .

A genuine barcode is composed of two vertical lines with different thicknesses, and other forms are fake.

Look at the overall feeling

If the entire upper gives you the impression that it is imitation, then it is no surprise that this pair of shoes is imitation. The overall feeling of genuine Nike shoes is not imitation. Smooth, clean, well-proportioned color, no thread or jumper, etc. are the points to distinguish authenticity.

Look at the shoe logo

Looking at the shoe logo is the best way to distinguish the authenticity of Nike, but distinguishing other things is not as simple as it is said. You need to carefully see if the spacing between the words is consistent, and there are labels. Is there a one-to-one correspondence between the standard sizes of various countries. This method is difficult but you can basically distinguish accurately after learning it.

The easiest way to check whether Nike is genuine.

You can refer to the genuine and fake barcodes of shoes. The barcode has its only ID card, place of origin, and manufacturer! But I don’t think it’s the only way. Quality is the most important thing. First of all, pick up this pair of shoes with the head and tail facing each other to see if the size is the same. Second, look at the stitches and traces. Most of the uppers are double-needled and traced. , Check whether the stitch length is neat and not tilted, again to see whether the vamp and sole glue is exposed and open, and finally see whether the vamp and the rubber sole are variegated or overflowing! This is the easiest way. As a branded product, Nike will also have high quality requirements. When the above standards are met, it is basically a genuine product!

How to buy genuine Nike try not to buy it online. It can only be said that the water on the Internet is too deep. I have bought it three times on Taobao and Tmall, and none of it is genuine! Possibly bad personal character, but this is by no means an isolated phenomenon! After all, fake products are really huge profits. After buying fake shoes, the merchants all kinds of rogues, which especially affect the mood. Try not to buy more expensive shoes on shopping websites! Don't believe the so-called purchasing agent and recommendations from friends around you. Now more and more people are selling shoes online, which are basically fakes. You must be cautious about this type. The so-called purchasing or reliable quality is a cover; do not buy shoes from so-called discounts, clearance stores, small shops, etc. In general, these shoes have problems. In those occasions, there are a lot of high imitation goods. Even if the genuine goods are defective, they will not flow to the market. Brand owners will reasonably maintain their reputation and discounts will not be too severe, unless Christmas, New Year's Day, Thank goodness if you have a 50% to 70% discount during the Chinese New Year. Usually, the 15% discount is not much, so you must be cautious; the most reliable way to buy genuine products is to buy them in regular shopping malls and large specialty stores. And for these high-priced shoes, it is best to be optimistic about the styles in advance, and then choose to buy them at major holiday discounts. This can really save you some money. A 20% or 15% discount can also save you a hundred yuan.

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