How do you charge for custom-made women's bags with samples?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-18
I believe that many customers know that leather processing factories basically support custom-made handbags with samples. That is, there will be a difference in the charges when ordering. Because different female bag manufacturers have different standard systems before and after sales, prices will vary.

The charging standard process for custom-made women’s bags with samples is as follows. The sample fee will be refunded if you are satisfied with the order; after signing a contract, you will pay 30% of the deposit payment, and wait for all products to pass the quality inspection and pay The leather processing factory is responsible for shipping the remaining 70% of the purchase price. The above is a complete process.

So you know the charges for custom-made handbags, and where do you look for a well-managed leather processing factory! The editor here recommends JIYALI from Baiyun District. JIYALI has more than ten years of production experience in custom-made handbags. In the past, the custom-made customers have a return rate of more than 90%, and it is a very good leather processing manufacturer.

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