How do shoulder bags look good? These kinds of matching are very popular

by:JIYALI     2021-07-05

Shoulder bags have many options for matching. Many people don’t know how to match them. They don’t know how the backpack should look good. In fact, with a little thought, the backpack can create new tricks. Let's learn!

How to carry a shoulder bag look good?

1. One-shoulder carrying method

As the name suggests, a shoulder bag is a one-shoulder carrying. When carrying on one shoulder, you should pay attention to adjusting the length of your own strap. The strap should not be too long. If it is too long, it will look a little dragging. It doesn't look good, it just reaches the waist or the waist to the armpit. This distance is more appropriate.

2. Shoulder exchange back

When the shoulder bag is carried, if it is carried on one shoulder for a long time, it will make the shoulder muscles tired, and it will also easily cause The shoulders are asymmetrical, that is, high and low shoulders. So friends who like quilt shoulder bags should often alternate shoulders when they are quilt shoulder bags.

3. Arms on your back

When carrying a shoulder bag, you can bend your elbow a little while carrying it on one shoulder, and put your hands on yourself at the same time The strap of the bag, this way of carrying it can show the elegance of women, adding a feminine taste in it, and it is not recommended for men to carry it like this.

4. Cross the back diagonally

Of course, you can also cross the back diagonally when carrying a shoulder bag. This is a very common method for men. For women, especially when you are wearing thinner clothes, do not use a cross-back shoulder bag, especially if the baby is still on the side of the body. This will show the effect of the chest, which is not good at all. Women are When slanting the backpack, you can put the bag in front of the body or behind the body to avoid embarrassment. It is best to put the bag in the front to prevent the bag from being lost when the bag is behind the body. know.

Single shoulder bag classic collocation

collocation 1, single-shoulder messenger bag + strapless t-shirt + skirt + canvas shoes

Concise and stylish single shoulder diagonal Bucket bag with black and white stripes, strapless middle-sleeved t-shirt and black short skirt. Wearing a pair of fashionable canvas shoes, it is very fresh and idyllic.

Match 2, one-shoulder messenger bag + loose shirt + white cropped shoes + white shoes

A black one-shoulder messenger bag with a loose long sleeve The shirt and white casual cropped trousers, and a pair of white shoes, are fresh and elegant and look good.

With 3. One-shoulder messenger bag+knit sweater+skirt

Black fashionable single shoes diagonally small bag with a loose striped sweater, and a white half-length bag The hip skirt is a bit small and playful but does not lose the sweet collocation.

With 4. One-shoulder messenger bag + lapel top + ripped jeans + wedge heel shoes

Black chain one-shoulder messenger bag with a stylish loose-fitting lapel top, Wearing a pair of ripped jeans and black wedge heel shoes is a very personal match and full of charm.

Shoulder bag style recommendation

1. Piggy bag

Fashion index: ★★★★★

Fashion highlights: The piggy bag is especially suitable for cute MM, which can satisfy girls' pursuit of exquisite bags. Carry it and walk on the street with a full personality. shoulder bag

Fashion index: ★★★★★

Fashion highlights: full of girly feelings, like delicate and small cute babies, MM who usually matches clothes and pursues simplicity can buy a mini shoulder bag. The mini shoulder bag not only shows the youthful vitality, but also has a sense of fashion.

3. Tassel shoulder bag

Fashion index: ★★★★★

Fashion highlights: Tassel shoulder bag is full of retro atmosphere, and dress Matching can add a lot of points to the overall image, and it can also make women look more charming, especially suitable for mature women with personality.

How to choose a shoulder bag

1. Cost-effectiveness of a shoulder bag

When choosing a bag, it is based on its leather texture, fine workmanship and price comparison Choose a certain brand to provide perfect service, fine workmanship, trendy style and simple style, high-quality leather selection, flexible feel, and you will find that it is value for money when you get the actual product. This is the perfect choice, a successful man Guys, what are you waiting for, a certain brand is always at your service, adhering to the 'True Feelings and True Beliefs'.

2. Shoulder bag leather

Men's shoulder bag leather will have fine lines under the pressure of fingers, and the better the leather, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather . The cowhide has dense texture and irregular dot-like arrangement of pores, and a certain leather product is made of high-quality natural leather, which is flexible to the touch and exquisite workmanship, which sublimates men's leather to the extreme step by step.

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