How can the waist bag be more fashionable? Fashion picture of waist bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-18

The waist bag is believed to be a style that many girls want to try but dare not try. They are worried that if the matching is not good, they will look like a conductor, giving people a very old-fashioned feeling. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to carry a waist bag more fashionable?

Stuck in the middle of the waist

This is the most conventional and also the most common way to carry it, so it is called a waist bag. If it is matched with loose clothes, it can also be used as a belt to condense. Whether it is loose shirts, skirts or suits, it is very casual to match. It is light and practical when going out on the street or on vacation.

The oval design is exquisite and compact, and the rounded arc is more age-reducing and playful. The wavy texture on the surface of the bag breaks the monotony of pure color. The distressed retro metal decoration enriches the highlights of the details. The length of the belt is suitable for most people's figures.

On the side of the waist

In addition to the lightweight matching attributes, it also has clever practical performance. It can be worn in the trousers to replace the role of the waistband to outline the waist and create a super Good-looking ratio. Usually such bag styles are relatively small in size, and the mini shape is more cute and casual, suitable for going out on the street or party.

The dual-purpose design of hand and belt makes it easy to match different styles. The colorful patterns of the small fragrant style trigger visual highlights, enhance the sense of urban fashion, and enhance the sense of decoration. The leather stitching of the rhombus has a clear texture, which provides a good balance for the colorful patterns on the body.

Hang it on the front of the chest

If you get tired of the belt, you can also learn from fashion fairies and hang it on your chest. Compared to girls with big breasts, little fairies with poor breasts are more suitable for this match. Because the breast is full, it is the focus in itself. Adding a bag will make it too full and heavy, but it will become rustic.

Sports waist bag is very suitable for hanging on the chest, but also very suitable for carrying on the back. The fabric itself exudes a natural luster effect, and the shiny gold embroidered letters make it more eye-catching. The addition of patch badges adds European and American fashion, and your status becomes a trendy girl in minutes.

These different belt bag back methods are very fashionable. If you buy a belt bag and don’t know how to match it, just learn it!

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