How about Valentino bags? Italian palace bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-06

Valentino's bags have always been very famous. Her bags are designed in gorgeous styles, and many of them are celebrities and they are especially popular. How about Valentino handbags from the editor of Net 5 below?

How about Valentino bags

Hello, I’m here to recommend the bags to everyone again, haha, let’s chop your hands together, this time I recommend Valentino’s. I bought this small bag in nude color. This color is really super versatile. Although the bag looks a bit small, the capacity is still very good. I think it can be installed very well. I usually go out. Everything can fit. The leather of this bag is also very comfortable to the touch, and it looks very textured, making the whole bag look very stylish. I bought it from a purchasing agent who has been with me for several years, and the price is really super beautiful when I bought it. The only drawback of this bag should be that it is easy to leave indentations on the leather, but I don’t think it matters much. Put a little lotion on it and it will return to its original shape. Haha, a little trick I saw on the Internet.

The first bag of 2017 is a red crossbody bag from Valentino. When I went to Hong Kong with my husband for a purposeless shopping, I accidentally walked into Valentine in the Landmark and saw this bag. After memorizing it at random, my husband said it was very beautiful, and the price was not bad after asking. The bag has a good capacity and can hold a long wallet, key case, mobile phone, tissue, lipstick, all without pressure. But I still hesitated at the time, because I didn’t plan to buy a bag this time, so I thought it was necessary to be restrained, so I left... The next day, I went to visit Harbour City and walked into its home unconsciously. Sa said it The family offers a 10% discount today, and only they have a discount in Hong Kong. Is there any reason not to buy it? The color is red decisively. It's almost Chinese New Year, so I can't live without the big red.

Valentino’s red rivet bag, the valentino red rivet that I wanted to start last year, I think it’s red is very positive, I planted this when I went to Harbour City. But the strap is too short, it is really not acceptable to carry the bag under the chest of the supermodel catwalk back method, it happens that Hisense is discounted, this one is out of the long shoulder strap, and I am happy to win it. It’s been a year since the baby was born, so I bought a bag to comfort myself after a year of hard work!

I didn’t feel much about Valentino’s bag before, and I didn’t really like her style, but this time When I went to hk to travel, I saw this bag at her counter when I was shopping, and I was immediately attracted. I bought this Valentino in milky white, which is a bit intolerant of dirt. The price of small, hk is more than 12,000. It doesn't feel very beautiful. You'd better go abroad to buy it. I feel that European agents should be able to buy them in their early ten thousand.

Let’s talk about leather. This bag is a very soft and comfortable leather. Anyway, I like it very much. I feel like I want to touch it all the time when I carry it on my back. This bag is really a gentle breath that can be felt at the touch of it. The model of this bag is divided into large, medium and small. I personally think that this bag is more suitable for this small size. Haha, I feel that the small size is more cute to carry. The bag can also be carried on a cross or shoulder. It is also very good to remove the chain as a handbag. Sakles said at the time that there are four ways to carry it, which is really very practical. Although it seems that the white I bought is not very stain resistant, I will cherish it, haha, I just like this small and fresh color, what else can I do besides pampering?!!

p>Valentino bags are suitable for age

Valentino bags can be worn at any age above 20 years old, young girls can choose some brighter colors, older women can choose black, dark blue Color that has no age limit is fine.

Can Valentino bags be refunded?

Valentino bags are generally refundable except for discounted specials, but they must be refunded if they do not affect the second sale When you buy this kind of luxury bags, it’s best to choose carefully before placing an order. Generally speaking, it is more troublesome to return and exchange luxury bags.

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