How about the Red Valley brand What is the grade of Red Valley?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-19

Honggu is a brand of bags. For women who like bags, many people have heard of this brand. So what about the Honggu brand and what grade is Honggu? Let’s take a look. Right.

How about the Honggu brand

'Honggu' is one of the brands of Guangzhou Honggu Leather Co., Ltd. The Red Valley brand originated from Shuhe, Lijiang, and is the inheritance and continuation of the 600 history and culture of Shuhe Cobblers. The company has positioned the Honggu brand as a Chinese national leather goods brand, and its mission is to excavate and promote the exquisite leather craftsmanship of its ancestors. Honggu brand products are mainly women's bags in ethnic and casual styles, all of which are handmade.

What grade is Honggu?

Medium and high grade. Honggu is the Chinese translation of 'HONGGU'. It is a leather goods brand that mainly produces various styles of women's handbags, chain bags, wallets and other products. The style involves elegant, light luxury, casual, ethnic and other series, presenting the new era of urban women. Confidence and charm. In terms of design concept, HONGU integrates oriental charm with international trends to create an international fashion brand.

How to choose the color of the bag

Black is the best The color can be used to carry a black bag in any season and any scene, so you should have at least one black bag. If you want to choose more colors, you can first consider the easiest colors to match— —Metal, green, smoky, brown.

How to choose the shape of the bag

The shape of the bag will affect the overall proportion and beauty of a person. If you choose the right one , Can greatly add points to your Look. The first principle-choose a bag shape that complements your body shape. If you are tall and thin, then choose a lazy, soft, wide-profile bag; if you are curved Linglong, then rectangular and trapezoidal bags are your good friends.

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