How about the Arctic Fox backpack? Is the quality of the Arctic Fox backpack good?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-06

The Arctic Fox backpack is a backpack that has been particularly popular in the past two years. The design of this backpack is very beautiful, the style is simple and generous, and it is the favorite of many celebrities. It is especially good with clothes. How about the Arctic Fox backpack? Is the quality of the Arctic Fox backpack good?

How about the Arctic Fox backpack

At that time, the Arctic Fox was super hot, and it looked better than the same type of backpack in terms of appearance and color. It is suitable for going out or going to work or class, and it is also very nice to travel. It depends on how you want to use it. The most important thing is that it can hold a lot of things!!! And it can be hand-held or double-shouldered, super easy to use. There are two sizes, mini and classic, depending on whether you want a little cute or a little more plain fashion stuff.

The genuine price of this bag is 500+. I bought a genuine cream green and a genuine peach pink, which is really cute hahahahaha. That color is so beautiful. Then suddenly I saw someone selling a version of the Arctic fox, I also bought a yellow drop suitable for summer color, watermelon season, great, and then found that there is no difference with the original, the price is super cute only 150 , How many of this one can buy a genuine one, I really push it anyway.

I just entered the Arctic Fox Mini pink model! I have always wanted to buy this backpack, but I was struggling to buy the classic or mini size. This time I saw this pink on Mybag I got a 10% discount and I decided to buy it in! What I want to tell everyone is that the Mini model can actually be installed!!! The 12-inch macbook just can be put down~ I brought it out on this trip. The upper body effect is shown in Figure 2, which is particularly good. It’s also good to take pictures!

Fjallraven Swedish Arctic Fox backpack mini7L, the backpack is too heavy, not leather and the quality is not good, so I bought this, it’s not too easy to use when going out to play Yo. This color matches well, and it is also on the Little Red Book. The bag itself has little weight. Go out and carry an umbrella, water cup, cosmetic bag, wallet, mobile phone, paper towels, and you can put a scarf in and out of the air-conditioned room in summer. Many girls around me also bought it, and I wanted to buy a 16L one.

Arctic fox brand introduction

Fjallraven (Swedish arctic fox) is a high-end outdoor brand with a leading market share in Sweden. It is a brand used by the Swedish royal family and the only one that has won the honor of a Swedish royal family. Outdoor brand. The Fjallraven (Swedish Arctic Fox) brand has been established for more than 50 years, and its sales network has spread all over the world. Fjallraven is Swedish, 'Fjall' means 'ArcticThe brand story of Fjallraven originated in 1950. The founder Mr. Ake Nordin, a 14-year-old boy from Ornskoldsvik in northern Sweden, was about to set out to hike in the mountains. Ake didn't like the popular backpack designs on the market at that time, because they had limited capacity and formed a pear shape after loading, making it uncomfortable to press on the back. Ake made a wooden frame by himself, which improved the weight distribution on the back. After using this wooden frame, not only the comfort of the carrying is greatly improved, but the weight of the carrying can also be greatly increased.

How to clean the backpack

1. Before washing the backpack, the first thing we have to do is to look at the manual of the backpack and see what is on the manual about washing Taboos.

2. When washing, we must first take a basin of clean water and place it for more than half an hour, because now the tap water is added with chlorine powder and other substances that are likely to cause corrosion to backpacks or backpacks. If we If you don't pay attention for a long time, these substances can easily oxidize and discolor the surface of our backpack, which will affect the overall appearance of the backpack.

3. If the surface of the backpack is not very dirty, we can use a cloth or brush to clean the surface, but one thing to note is that we should not use too much force when cleaning, so It is easy to cause color difference between the cleaned part and other parts on the surface of the backpack.

4. Another point that needs to be emphasized is that we also need to clean the small parts such as the zipper on the backpack on time. If it is actually made of metal, we can wipe it with a wet towel, and then It must be dried with a dry towel or air-dried with a hair dryer. If the plastic parts are plastic, just rinse them with clean water.

5. In order to speed up the drying speed of backpacks, some people will directly use a hair dryer to force dry the wet areas after wiping, but some fabrics cannot be dried directly or exposed to direct sunlight. If it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it is likely that the fabric of the package body will age and the appearance will fade. The best way is to place the backpack in a dry and ventilated place and let it dry naturally.

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