How about Sophie Hume's bag? Is the sophie hulme bag of good quality?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-20

Sophie Hume’s tote bag is very popular after Mayili’s backfire. The design of this brand’s bag is very characteristic and has a strong metallic style, which is very suitable for cool girls. Cute girls can also choose softer ones. The color matching is also particularly good-looking. How about the Sophie Hume bag? Is the quality of the sophie hulme bag good?

How about Sophie Hume bags

The reason why this British luxury brand can be so popular in China is that it has real shining points. Domestic consumers are all pragmatic. Whether it's dating friends or shopping for girlfriends, wearing a light luxury SophieHulme square bag on your back will not look too high-profile, but it will also give the whole LOO extra points. Of course, it's not just khaki, there are many colors you can't think of. SophieHulme has helped you think of it. Purple, pink, beige, and classic black are definitely all kinds of collocations that can satisfy you. In fact, this SophieHulme square bag is really a hot style. The bloggers and big coffees in the fashion circle like it. It is common to appear in street photography.

The SophieHulme tote bag that I have been favorite for a long time, I saw it when I went to travel. This is a hard leather medium size. I have been entangled between it and the square bag. Later Taking into account that some A4 size books and materials that are afraid of wrinkles are included in the class, the disadvantage is that the weight is heavier and heavier. Many girls worry that it has a zipper, which is very dangerous in my country, but you can't hold the bag deep, the bag is still very hard, so it takes a lot of effort to reach in and steal things. Next time, the one with square soft leather will be super nice and easy to wear on its back.

This bag has been popular for a long time, I liked it very much at the beginning but I couldn't buy it. This time I was visiting avenuel in Seoul, and I accidentally saw it in a similar buyer's store on the first floor. I rushed over and held it in my arms without letting go, and sa also said that it was 30% off. It’s really not good to not buy it! First of all I thought of matching it with shoes, white T ripped jeans and soblack and it can’t be cool anymore! Summer summer is coming.

Sophie Hulme brand introduction

Sophie Hulme (Sophie Hulme) is an accessories brand founded by British designer Sophie Hulme in 2008. Sophie Hulme (Sophie Hulme) was inspired by the details of the suitcase. Sophie Hulme is committed to classic high-quality leather design to create a minimalist luxury style. Sophie Hulme (Sophie Hulme) was born in North London, England. In 2007, her graduation work won the Outstanding Graduation Design Award of Kingston University, London. Later, she sold her graduation design to Serbia. Selfridges department store (Selfridges). In 2012, Sophie Hulme won the Best Accessories Design Award from the BritishFashion Award. Sophie Hulme (Sophie Hulme) is good at finding inspiration from things in the 1940s. Her London home and studio is converted from a toy factory. The heavy metal accessories are inspired by Sophie Hulme ( Sophie Hulme's childhood objects, 'I have loved collecting accessories since I was a child. When I grow up, I look at and purchase some beautiful and interesting accessories in a new way to enrich my design.' Sophie Hugh Sophie Hulme said.

How do you look at the quality of the bag?

First, we must first look at the material of the bag.

This is the most important part of buying bags. There are many types of materials for making bags, such as cloth, PU, u200bu200bleather and so on. The material of the cloth is better to judge, and the difference in quality can be felt through the feel; while the leather is mainly leather and PU leather. At present, most bags are made of PU leather fabric, which is in the already thin layer. The leather is glued with a layer of PU, so that it feels good and has good gloss, and the tag still indicates the use of cowhide or sheepskin. In fact, this kind of fabric is good, feels similar to real leather, and is not as expensive as real leather, not easy to get dirty, and durable .

Second, we can judge from the workmanship.

Compared with other sewing materials, the fabric of the bag is much thicker and harder, and it must have a certain shape and three-dimensional feeling after sewing, so the sewing requirements for the bag are very high. High. To see whether the sewing of the bag is fine, we usually start from the details, such as whether there is any excess beyond the edge of the bag, especially the inside of the bag, and whether the sewing of the hand strap is distorted. This process requires skill and physical strength. The easiest way is to pull the zipper a few times to see if it is smooth. If it is not smooth, the package body is a bit distorted. If the slider is squeezed into the inner fabric, the workmanship is not good. In addition, after the bag is opened, the lining should be close to the fabric, and the internal space is clear at a glance, corresponding to the size of the bag body. If it is not, it means that the workmanship of the bag is not very good.

Third, we can distinguish from the hardware accessories.

Every bag has some hardware accessories, the most common one is the zipper. The hardware accessories on the bags of good quality are very shiny, and the hardware accessories of poor quality look only rough electroplating, without polishing, the surface is not smooth, and the color is not pure. Other decorations, such as whether the diamonds are strong and the color is correct. Good hardware accessories and some metal trademarks are all polished after electroplating, so that they are not easy to oxidize or rust.

Sometimes, consumers will feel that certain details are ambiguous and can't make up their minds. This is normal. In the heart of luxury products, the final appraisal conclusion of a product must be determined through 12 processes. A judgment will be made, and we will not let go of every detail to ensure that every conclusion is correct.

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