How about Qian Shinu's bag? Does Qian Shinu's bag look good?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-08

Qian Shinu bag is a very niche brand, mainly taking a relatively cheap route. In fact, the design of the bag is not bad. If you don’t pay attention to the brand, it is actually very cost-effective. Let’s take a look at Qian Shi. How about slave bags.

How about Qian Shinu's bag

Qian Shinu's bag is very delicate, and it is a favorite of little girls. It is better if it is made of genuine leather. It is very cool to take out. The style is more special. The hand-held part is wrapped in silk scarves, which is more novel. The color is more atmospheric and beautiful. The size of the bag is just right, suitable for those who bring a mobile phone, a small wallet and other small things, and suitable for occasions without many things.

Does Qian Shinu's bags look good?

They look good.

The Qian Shinu bag is made of metal buckle, which is relatively stable. The lock of the bag is very strong, and the color of the bag is a bronze chain, which is just right to carry, neither long nor short. It is suitable for small activities, especially the young lady-like wear is super suitable.

Can the length of Qian Shinu bags be adjusted?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about being too long or too short.

The Qian Shinu bag is small in appearance, it can be put in a mobile phone, and it can be used in tissues. It is separated in two layers. The whole is clear and clear. The hardware and details are good. It is easy to carry . The upper body is very satisfied, very elegant and generous.

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