How about landscape collection bags? Is the Shanshui bag made of genuine leather?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-29

Shanshui Ji bags are familiar to friends who often visit Taobao. Her bags are very beautiful, and many styles are more versatile and basic, which are very suitable for normal wear. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how about landscape collection bags? Is the Shanshui bag made of genuine leather?

How about the Shanshuiji bag

I happened to see a brand of Shanshuiji bag made by Xiaohongshu on Xiaohongshu. I was curious to find a store of this brand on tb and chose this style of bag. I received a really good bag, the smog blue two-layer leather. I was worried that only one strap would not fit properly. I found that there is an iron suction inside, and the space in the bag is quite large. It is needed in summer. The basic items can be put in. The official picture on the last tb has three colors, all of which are relatively fresh and suitable for summer. If you like it, go to the flagship store to find it.

I don’t know if you know that Shanshuiji is an original brand, which is relatively small. All are handmade in leather, including shoulder bags, clutch bags, messenger bags, backpacks, wallets~~ and each bag is unique and delicate. Features are simple and generous, delicate handwork, and very durable.

The bag is a brand of Shanshuiji. I bought it on Taobao. There are some scratches on overseas transshipment. It is too annoying to change. The quality of this doctor bag is very good, especially the hardware. The cowhide is average for the first two layers. Overall, it is definitely better than the popular brands (MKcoach). The skirt is Sandro's new style this fall, and Taobao's pleated skirt is actually similar. The top is one or two hundred from Taobao. I like it very much!

Is the Shanshuiji bag made of genuine leather?

The bag of Shanshuiji is not all genuine leather. You can ask when you buy it. Now, some of the styles are real leather, and they are all marked. If it is a little fairy who values u200bu200bthe material, be sure to ask clearly when placing an order!

Introduction to the brand of Shanshuiji

Shanshuiji is so simple and perfect. Shanshuiji handbags are positioned as new women between 22 and 35 years old who pursue fashion, self-confidence and individuality. They have rich styles, strong sense of design, moderate price, outstanding quality, and customer satisfaction as the highest purpose! As a company with many years of professional leather manufacturing history Through the introduction of various outstanding professionals and internationally advanced leather production equipment, Shanshui Ji promotes the continuous leap-forward development of the enterprise. The bags of Shanshuiji are relatively small and fresh in style. Everyone is a lot of ladies, clean and not demon, but at the same time it will be a little boring.

How to maintain the bag

1. General leather bags need to be oiled frequently and cleaned irregularly. The method is to wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth and then evenly Wipe the surface carefully and avoid applying oil directly on the leather to avoid damage to the leather. Special attention should be paid to avoid chemical damage. The hard leather bag avoids impact and scratches by hard objects.

2. The leather has strong absorption power, so you should pay attention to anti-fouling, especially high-grade frosted leather. Dip a dry towel with water once a week, wring it out, and repeat a few times to gently wipe. If there are stains on the leather, wipe it with a clean damp sponge and a mild detergent, and then let it dry naturally. You can try it out in an inconspicuous corner before formal use.

3. If it is stained with grease, it can be wiped clean with a cloth, and the rest will be naturally dispersed or cleaned by detergents. Do not scrub with water. For hardware maintenance on leather parts, wipe them with a dry cloth after use. If it is slightly oxidized, you can try to gently rub the hardware with flour or toothpaste. Lacquered leather generally only needs to be wiped with a soft cloth, which has sufficient gloss and is not easy to absorb dust. For gloss leather maintenance, please use a little leather care special oil on the soft cloth, and then rub it on the leather a little harder.

4. For the maintenance of matte leather, you only need to wipe it lightly with a cloth. If the dirt is serious, you can try to wipe it off with a rubber-like rubber. The natural oils in the leather itself will gradually decrease over time or use too many times, so even very advanced leather goods need regular maintenance. If there are spots and black spots on the leather, try dipping the leather of the same color with alcohol and wiping lightly.

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