How about Bulgari's bags? Redefine luxury quality

by:JIYALI     2021-06-30

I believe everyone is familiar with Bulgari's bags. The styles of her bags are relatively gorgeous, the designs are particularly beautiful, and they are very noble and elegant. How about Bulgari's bags in the following editor on No.5? Redefine luxury quality!

How about Bulgari's bags?

I haven't always appreciated Bulgari's snake head. This year, I suddenly got the beauty of the snake head bag, so people will always change. I have been thinking about what color to buy. When I went to London in the summer, I saw that Harrods had a white medium size, so I decided to buy the white one, but there was only the last one left. It is probably left over from the previous season, and I think the medium size is too Big, after all, the chain is very thin. Then SA said that white will only be available in winter and will not arrive in summer, so it will wait until Christmasshopping in London this month to buy it.

The one I bought should be a small size. The last picture has an upper body contrast. I think this size is just right. The UK price is 1450 pounds (12925RMB) before the tax refund. At first I thought Harrods does not have Bulgari, but it is not in the bag area. It is the Bulgari counter in the jewelry area. There are few items on display, but there are favorite bags. If so, you can ask if SA has it. I like to buy at Harrods not only because the membership card has points. Harrods tax refund can be used to get gold coins on the spot, so I will buy some Harrods at Harrods. If Harrods is out of stock, I will consider going to Selfridges or flagship stores.

This time the Bulgari snake head bag is called a tangled, tangled size, tangled style, and tangled color. From the invincible concave shape of the single chain small square bag, I switched to the popular long flat shape that can support a little bit, then to Shu Qi's pearl fish skin (why I think it is a bit monotonous on the back), and then to carry Wearing a nice little organ model on his back; the colors range from wild pink to mirror color, and the necessary big red for marriage; my choice syndrome is completely guilty.

The last time I closed my eyes, I collected the medium-sized little green on Rotten Street. It’s so spicy and classic. You can’t go wrong anyway, and the size is right, you can put 7Ps mobile phones, wallets, and even small ones without any pressure. Makeup bag. In fact, I was picky when I bought it. I looked at it individually when I came home. The two enamel snake heads and calfskin are really super exquisite, and the snake bone chain will be blingbling very flashing, and the lines are also good. It is a ladylike style and cost-effective. The little green, not to mention the intimate little mirror and raincoat, the more I look at it, the more I love it. The domestic medium price is about 20,000 yuan, and the purchasing agent gave it to 16,700. The price advantage of foreign countries is really not a little bit.

Can Bvlgari bags be returned?

Bvlgari bags can be returned. Generally speaking, the returned or exchanged bags are either due to quality problems or brand new Unused ones and do not affect the secondary sales. If you buy them at the Bulgari counter, you can return with a small ticket if you meet these two requirements.

Bvlgari bags are suitable for the crowd

Bvlgari's bags are actually very suitable for office workers, and her bag styles are more ol-style, matching with work clothes Very beautiful. Of course, Bulgari is also a good choice for banquets or meeting with boyfriends. At this time, you can choose a style with a brighter color.

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