Hot weather, take care to cool off

by:JIYALI     2022-02-15
Abstract: In the hot July, the production of various oem bag manufacturers is in full swing. How to cool off employees and avoid heat stroke has been put on the agenda. This summer in Guangzhou, I think it is hotter than it has been in the past 20 years. This summer, almost every day is a rainstorm and an exposure to the sun. Guangzhou is completely in the bathroom and steamer mode. Living in Guangzhou, I wash the sauna for free every day. In such weather conditions, sitting still, people feel suffocated and sweaty, not to mention moving and working. Therefore, people have come up with various ways to cool down. Factories of all walks of life with busy production tasks, including oem bag manufacturers, must also pay great attention to cooling off employees in order to ensure product quality and ensure the health of employees. Because the factory is a place where people are concentrated, and handmade product factories such as oem bag manufacturer are even more densely populated, so the method to cool down should be appropriate and applicable, and should start from both work and life. The workshop must have sufficient ventilation and cooling equipment, such as fans and air conditioners; ensure sufficient water supply, and remind employees to replenish the body water lost due to sweating in time; arrange a rest time of about ten minutes in the middle of work, during this period Provide sugar water, herbal tea and other refreshing drinks to employees. In terms of life, the food in the cafeteria should be more light and less greasy to increase the appetite of employees; the fans in the dormitory should be repaired in time to ensure that they can be used normally, and air conditioners are provided if conditions permit. Working hours should be arranged reasonably and employees should be given adequate and regular rest time. At the beginning of July, the summer in Guangzhou is still very long. Everyone must always pay attention to avoid the heat, cool down, and spend this summer safely and happily.
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