Gift wallet processing customization

by:JIYALI     2021-05-11
Customized gift wallet processing, as the name suggests, is to send the finished product wallet as a gift to relatives and friends! In China's five thousand years of history, Chinese people have always been very particular about giving gifts, including what kind of gifts to give to what kind of people, very symbolic things, and most directly convey the feeling of mood!

Speaking of gift wallet processing customization, the customizer needs to have his own pattern or DIY design drawing, and use the material according to the customer's needs, and turn the personalized creativity into a unique wallet gift! Nowadays, many gift wallet processing and customization are dependent on the development of e-commerce platform, which is also the current optimal development model.

There is a certain disadvantage of custom gift wallet processing, which is that many customers blindly customize wallets, which leads to poor feedback on the wallets sent. This point is that we need deep reflection. 1. Is there a LOGO printed on the gift wallet? 2. Is the style of the wallet suitable for popular people? 3. Is the material used in the wallet tasteful? 4. What kind of factory is needed to produce the wallet? 5. What is the product to give away? Such a crowd. After the above summary, the product must target the crowd well, and JIYALI is very experienced in this regard. Real-time adjustments are made based on the information feedback from customers to meet the needs of customer groups to the greatest extent.

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