Four reasons why belt processing plants charge pattern-making fees

by:JIYALI     2021-05-12
In JIYALI, the belt processing business will receive customer inquiries every day. Many people show strong intentions. The styles and materials of the bulk goods are all set, and they are waiting for the proofing. But if you say that you need to charge the proofing fee, he just I have an opinion, how can a belt with a price of dozens of dollars be paid for a few hundred, because those people don't understand how the factory produces it, and why the customized belt samples are so expensive!

In fact, he doesn’t know that the average cost of making a few is more than making tens of thousands. The belt processing factory processes a belt, which is composed of belt body, buckle, upper thread, rivets and other parts. If there are no ready-made parts, You have to purchase. Some peculiar parts are quite troublesome to purchase, and they are not purchased in large quantities. In this case, the cost of the belt processing plant will be doubled, and the proofing may not be successful at once. If the customer is not satisfied, what should be done? If the customer does not place an order, the belt processing manufacturer is not at a loss. The factory is not a charity, and there is no such cheap thing. You have your opinion, and I have my reasons.

First, draw pie, just for free proofing fee.

According to his statement, each belt processing factory will choose to make five styles of belts and sent me four pictures. Each picture has a different print and each picture is different. I was thinking in my heart, why not just send me pictures of the same style? We only need to make one printing plate of the same style. We only need to purchase the same few kinds of accessories. Such a style will have five or six colors. Doesn't this increase the cost for the belt processing manufacturer? It is more likely to be produced in five colors of the same style. Except for printing, other materials such as leather, accessories and workmanship are different. What is the logic? It makes me feel that he drew me a flatbread. There are no 50 styles as he said, each with five or six colors.

Secondly, the belt processing plant requires a cost to make a pattern, not a charity.

Four belts need to open the printing plate, conservatively estimated, the cost is 600 yuan, so some labor costs are omitted. We are a manufacturer, and I also believe in our quality. You can pay for samples if you need samples. If you need a spot sample, you can return the sample if it is not appropriate. We will still refund the sample fee to you, not the belt factory stingy , But if a customer needs free proofing every day, then the free proofing fee per day is 500, which is 15,000 yuan a month. Perhaps some factories say that we can afford to bear the wolves, but I still want to say that the wool comes from the sheep.

Third, the customer does not give people substantive convincing power-qualification information.

He said that he needed free samples, and also told me that no belt processing factory had ever asked him to collect samples and it was time-consuming, and blindly asked us to talk to their company. Maybe he really wanted to prove to me the strength of their company, but when I asked him for their official website and some information, he said that they didn't have it for the time being. I have visited their company on Baidu. The search engine only has a free registration platform, only a fixed phone number and a mobile phone number. The registration information obviously does not match the facts. A company of 100-200 people and a factory building of 10,000 square meters, do you believe it?

Fourth, charging a sample fee is the principle of many belt manufacturers, and many salespersons cannot violate the principle.

Every salesperson should abide by the company’s rules and charge a sample fee. Maybe many people say that the rules are dead and people are alive. We are not flexible enough to live, so we will lose a lot of opportunities . But if a person has no principles, what else can he do? Maybe the opportunity in front of him has been missed, but sticking to the principle will always have the next suitable opportunity for him.

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