Focus on original bag customization has never changed

by:JIYALI     2021-05-27
From its establishment in 2005 to the present, it should have a history of 16 years. The one thing that has never changed during this period is the product quality + original bag design. This is what JIYALI and other leather goods processing factories do not understand.

It is often in the area of u200bu200bleather goods customization and sales. Many leather goods manufacturers are good at imitating certain well-known brand bags in exchange for their own logo. The advantage of this is that they can produce big-name styles at the lowest price to supply the market. This is The marketing method that the merchant is good at can quickly detonate the product, but it just obliterates the self-innovation spirit of Chinese luggage. As a result, the domestic and international luggage brands that can be known today are still in the blank stage. It is also the sorrow of China and the sorrow of leather goods. I think there is no decent brand in a large leather goods manufacturer.

Some people think that JIYALI has insisted on originality for so many years, and has not produced a decent big brand. But how many leather goods factories will persist in the original spirit for many years? Although it has not built a well-known brand, the bags designed by JIYALI are relatively niche products, and there are also certain audiences in the market, bringing different fashionable bags to support customers. 16 years of hard work has never changed!

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