Fashion demand 08 global home textile industry trend is optimistic

by:JIYALI     2021-08-07
According to the news of the just-concluded 2008 Frankfurt International Home and Indoor Textiles Expo, 86,378 visitors from 125 countries visited this exhibition, which represents the world's indoor textile trade vane, making it possible to work in this traditional and fashionable industry. The readers are full of expectations for 2008.   What is the impact of heimtextil on the entire world home textile industry in 2008? What will the organizers of the expo have on the market structure? The information delivered by the exhibition will predict the direction of the home textile industry in 2008? What role does China National Textiles play on this global stage? These are obviously questions that everyone needs to solve urgently. The reporter interviewed Ms. Wen Ting, general manager of Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Qingxin Li, deputy general manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., on the site of the exhibition. They talked about the adjustments and changes of Frankfurt Messe and the trend of the home textile industry. The prediction of fashion lifestyle is more in-depth and comprehensive. In the nine series of innovative product displays, the organizer highlighted the concept of market segmentation, dividing the display into brand, differentiated quality product display and one-stop purchasing area, with professional The trend display area, various trends and business forums and lectures brought the trend of 2008 to the audience. Due to the great importance of the future market, Messe Frankfurt has conducted an in-depth study of the audience's needs. Ms. Wen Ting said.   From the results of the survey, viewers and buyers have a stronger demand for fashion in the new year. The expo's detailed and comprehensive analysis of trends throughout the year helped them determine their purchase intentions. The 2008/2009 home textile trend forecast has been warmly welcomed by the industry insiders. This season’s presentations and forum speeches on trends from 5 designer organizations have brought designers in the textile industry and hotel interior decorators a reference model far beyond the previous operable ones, and the presentation of trends is also The lifestyle display is adopted to make the fashion clearer and clearer. The release of this trend has become the prominent focus of the Frankfurt Expo. To further subdivide the brand design style, buyers and audiences also pay more attention to their own brand characteristics and style routes, so as to win in the personalized consumption era. In view of this, Wen Ting said that this year's show has a more detailed distinction between brand design styles. On the basis of the original classification by product and by region, the subdivision of the exhibition area has been added. The classification of bedroom supplies, bathroom supplies, and restaurant supplies is more detailed. There are a modern design style area, a traditional style area, and a concept workshop, which collectively showcase innovative products. Make the entire product display area more thorough. For example, in the bedroom products display area of u200bu200bHall 9, the brands of bedroom products are divided into two types of design styles, one is the traditional style from Europe, and the other is the more fashionable style of the world's top brands.  The brand-new concept workshop adopts a shop-style display form and integrates a one-stop joint innovation of indoor textiles. At the same time, in the product categories of curtains, decorations and floor decorations, a morelife (more life) high value-added display area has been added, which brings together window decorations, floor decorations and furniture accessories, emphasizing a clearer and more professional collection of manufacturers.
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