Explain why there is a minimum order quantity requirement for large bag processing factories

by:JIYALI     2021-05-09
Today, when personalized bag customization is more popular, many large bag processing factories have minimum order quantities for customized bags. In this regard, many customers have questions. Next, as a large-scale bag processing factory, we will give you answers!

1. Cost factor, cost issue is an important reason for the large-scale bag processing factory to stipulate the minimum order quantity, because after an order, the bag processing factory must prepare proofing, material purchase, mass production, etc. The process is very complicated. Even if the number of customizations is small, the time and energy spent are not reduced. In comparison, the overall production cost of the manufacturer is not worthwhile. 2. The production arrangement of the factory, the production of a bag is made through many processes. If the number of customizations is small, it will not be possible to achieve streamlined manufacturing. 3. Avoid waste. If the number of customizations is not high, the waste of fabrics is huge. Because the purchase of fabrics also needs to be purchased in bulk, if the number of customizations is small, the remaining leather will not be used in the future, which will cause waste.

JIYALI processing factory is a large-scale bag processing manufacturer. Our minimum order quantity is from 100 single styles and monochromes. Welcome everyone to come and customize!

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