European Leather Association hopes that the leather industry will be included in the carbon footprint pilot

by:JIYALI     2021-08-17
The European Leather Association is seeking support from tanners to develop a leather carbon footprint pilot program. According to the source, if the plan can be successfully submitted, the pilot program will receive financial support from the European Union. When announcing the plan, European Leather Association Secretary-General Gustavo Kijano said that for the global leather industry, this is a rare opportunity to strive for fair product category rules for the leather industry, which recognizes the United Nations Industrial Development Corporation. Organize the leather product working group to define the industry system passed in Shanghai last year. In this context, the leather industry is challenging traditional thinking, and the leather industry can only be successful if it forms a united front. The European Commission hopes to test the environmental footprint of products in EU countries and has agreed to provide financial support for some pilot programs. The European Commission has invited some companies and organizations that produce different types of products to voluntarily join this program. The European Leather Association hopes to include the leather industry as a pilot program. Gustavo Kijano said that the plan will build a worldwide product category rule framework for the industry, and it will become an important parameter and vane of the world leather industry.
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