EU will increase subsidies for hemp cultivation

by:JIYALI     2021-08-12
A few days ago, a resolution was formed at the EU Ministerial Conference: The EU will continue to subsidize EU fiber crops such as flax and hemp. The subsidy will be issued from the 2009/2010 flax production year, from the current 160 euros per metric ton (251 U.S. dollars) to 200 euros.   It is understood that this measure will meet the needs of local EU yarn and textile manufacturers. On the other hand, it will also disappoint exporters who oppose this subsidy measure.   Previously, manufacturers in regions producing long flax fibers such as Belgium, France, and the Netherlands have provided additional subsidies of 50 to 120 euros per hectare. At the same time, the production of flax and hemp staple fibers in the EU will maintain a subsidy of 45 euros per ton. According to regulations, the impurity contained in subsidized flax and hemp staple fibers shall not exceed 7.5%.
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