Don't blindly find leather goods manufacturers for quotations

by:JIYALI     2021-05-28
Today, the editor also feels spit out, and I met many customers blindly looking for men's and women's bag manufacturers. I'm not sure what price and style I'm looking for. For bags of different styles, start blindly looking for leather processing manufacturers. In fact, the editor is easy to get hurt when encountering such customers. why?

A lot of customers asked you how much to customize the handbags when they started chatting. At this time, I was stunned! why? Just like how much does it cost to buy a car? But the price gap between BMW and QQ is wide. How can I make a quote without seeing the pictures or the real thing? If someone gives you a quotation, it is irresponsible to you. Can you understand if you give an example like this?

Dear you, please understand your needs before making sure to make a bag, plan a price range for the product or specify the bag style and material used. Only in this way can we better find the leather processing factory for quotation.

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