Does the bucket bag look good? 4 different style bucket bags pk

by:JIYALI     2021-06-23

This summer the 'bucket bag' is back again~ The wide and wide bottom is one of the key points of the bucket bag. For girls who have to bring a family to go out, the bucket bag is also very practical! Xiaobian collection Han Niu hand-picked the 4 must-have bucket bags this summer, hurry up and find your own destined one!

4 different style bucket bags pk

1. Summer rattan knitting Style

I still remember that the editor mentioned the summer items purchased by Baping Korea’s major online shopping (click me), and one of them is the rattan bag! Especially this rattan bucket bag, it’s really from various brands. It looks crazy! It looks good with dresses and jeans, very straightforward!

( mimididi rattan gourd bag, 66girls leather lace woven bucket bag)

2. Mini Bucket Bag

In Korea these seasons, relatively mini bags are popular. The bucket bag is made into a mini clutch bag. It is visually super cute XD, and With the advantage of a wide bottom, this clutch bag is also more durable than ordinary bags~

(FRONBEGINNING box bag, hand zipper bucket bag)


3. Knitted woolen thread

Maybe because it is impossible to wear sweaters in summer, so the businessmen put their brains on XD bags. South Korea has a lot of knitted bags this year! Especially This kind of woven bucket bag is even more cute! But the small drawback is that it really can’t be installed, because if there are too many and too heavy, the bag will be at risk of being broken. I really love QQ


(Dailymonday woven clutch bag, FRONBEGINNING May knit bucket bag)

4. Leather design style

If you are a girl trying a bucket bag for the first time, The editor recommends this leather style, which can be handsome and casual. It is basically a versatile bag. In addition to the basic black, the editor also recommends coffee or caramel!

(FRONBEGINNING wide shoulder strap bucket bag, buckle design bucket bag)

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