Do red bags look good with green clothes? Tips for red bags with green clothes

by:JIYALI     2021-07-20

It is said that red and green are taboos, very ugly, but red and green in many fashion shows are very beautiful. Red and green are still very methodical. When matched, they will be very fashionable and become the most eye-catching. That one.

Does a red bag look good with green clothes?

1. Pink bag + green casual jacket

Pink bag has always been a style that many women like very much, not only the appearance rate It is high, and can also match with many popular items, such as jackets, coats, skirts, etc. Therefore, this time, the editor of La Ma Ying specially recommends the matching method of this casual series, such as pink bag + green casual jacket. Although the styling notation is casual, but more is that it can easily bring out the unique charm of women. I suggest you try it boldly.

2. Red bag + green suit

A suit is a classic style for every professional woman. However, you should know that the suit can still match the red bag. Take it. Especially for women of good figure, a self-cultivating green suit can always exude feminine maturity and restrained temperament. It is neither fancy nor too vulgar.

3. Red bag + green pleated skirt

As for the elegance of green pleated skirt, many people are very familiar with it. It not only can easily show the feminine and slim style, but also can cover up the flaws on the legs. You only need to match a red bag before going out. In addition to simplicity, it can also collide with a bit of laziness and casualness.

Skills of red bag with green clothes

1. Pine green windbreaker with red bag makes the red and green match look very calm.

2. Reduce the area ratio of red and green, and add a large area of u200bu200bachromatic color as the separation color, so that the bright color becomes the embellishment color, which is also a very common color matching method.

3. Change the material of red and green clothing to increase the sense of design and fashion. You can choose the popular jumpsuits, and the bag chooses a textured material, making the red and green matching extraordinarily bright and eye-catching.

What is the easiest color to match with red?

The easiest color to match with is white, which can make red more conspicuous; black is also the most suitable color to match. Because it is a strong contrast color, do not use the matching color of the same rate, such as red shirts and woolen clothes, with black skirts, trousers, etc., must be matched with red clothes with emphasis. Gray is also a color that blends well with red, and it can match very well.

Skills for matching bags and clothing

1. 'Same color' matching method: Bags and clothes are matched with the same color and depth, which can create a very elegant Feel, for example: dark brown suit with camel bag.

2. 'Contrasting color' matching method: bags and clothes can also be in strong contrasting colors, which will be a very eye-catching matching method. For example: a black suit with a red belt and a red bag, and then black high heels.

3. 'Neutral color + 1 embellishment color' matching method: that is, neutral color clothing with embellishment color bag, this combination will make you very good, for example: camel color dress with sky blue bag Bag and camel high heels.

4. The matching method that echoes the color of the clothes printing: the color of the bag can be one of the colors of the clothes printing, for example: olive green bottom, beige, brown printed dress with brown bag and brown high heels.

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