Do I need to change my wallet frequently? Wallet replacement time interval

by:JIYALI     2021-07-12

Wallet can be said to be a single item that everyone can't live without. Whether it's for holding gold coins or cards, you must have it, and an exquisite wallet will also give you a lot of extra points. The following editor on No.5 will tell you whether the wallet needs to be changed frequently?

Do you need to change your wallet frequently?

You don’t need to change your wallet frequently. Generally speaking, a wallet can be changed after two to three years. A wallet is used for about three years, and luck is basically used up. That is to say, a wallet can only be used for two or three years, and even if it is not broken, it must be replaced with a new one. This will increase wealth and help the owner's wealth.

In order to gather wealth, it is recommended to use a straight-format wallet as much as possible. Most of the wallets of modern people use folding styles. It is said that Qian bends over every day and cannot gather wealth without stretching. A Japanese person conducted a survey and found that 95% of rich people prefer to use long wallets, which also verified the claim that long wallets are more money-gathering. Putting money is also special. After buying a new wallet, it is best to put a few large bills in to familiarize the wallet with the taste of money; keep the money neat and clean, unify the up and down direction of the bills in the wallet, and develop a habit ;I often exchange the dirty old banknotes in my wallet for new banknotes.

Does changing your wallet often affect your fortune?

In fact, this will not affect your luck or fortune. On the contrary, some people say that changing your wallet frequently will increase your fortune. The habit of changing wallets is also normal, just like some people often want to change the layout of the house, and some people often change handbags. It’s just that if you change your wallet frequently, you need to check if there are any things you forgot to take out in your old wallet. You still need to pay attention to invoices and cards.

How to choose a wallet

When purchasing a wallet, you must pay attention to the material of the wallet. Compared with handbags, wallets can be opened and closed a lot more often, so wallets are easier than handbags. Damaged, if you choose inferior materials, your wallet may have leather breaks after a period of use. Therefore, it is better to spend a little more money and buy a wallet with good leather!

As one of women’s intimate little things, wallets are as important as handbags. Compared with handbags, wallets are cheaper in price, so when you want to change your mood and style, you can easily get a different wallet. The wallet is the most important small bag in our daily life. There are a wide variety of colorful wallets, cartoons, and professional wallets. Of course, choosing the wallet style that suits you can better reflect your taste.

Wallet cleaning method

Method one, cheap and easy-to-use lens cleaning cloth decontamination method

The lens cleaning cloth always uses leather cleaner to wipe the leather For similar bags, just gently wipe and evenly apply the bag to restore its luster, because it is soft and will not scratch your beloved bag.

Method two, one gray at both ends and one white with eraser decontamination method

The bag of suede material can be gently wiped with a white eraser to remove slight dirt or use gray The eraser removes serious dirt, but pay attention to rubbing lightly and vigorously.

Method three, toothpaste partial cleaning method

Except for silk, silk and satin bags, you can try toothbrush with toothpaste for partial cleaning. Simple and practical leather wallet.

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