Customized package manufacturers can undertake processing services with drawings and samples

by:JIYALI     2021-05-23
When custom-made bags are always entangled, can leather goods manufacturers accept drawings and samples for processing? Is it necessary to choose their style? Generally, leather goods manufacturers can accept customized drawings and samples. Very few leather goods manufacturers need to customize according to their styles.

Customized drawings can be customized by leather goods manufacturers according to the pictures and design drafts provided by the customers, but the custom-made time will be longer, because there is no physical convenience to look at the pictures and the design drafts, and the bag making process has many small The details need to be confirmed by the customer, so the delay will be longer.

Sample customization is a bit simpler, and it is very convenient if some places need to be modified. Generally speaking, it will be more convenient to have samples. You can refer to the method and style of the samples. , Quotation is also more convenient.

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