Customers should pay attention to the following points when choosing a belt processing factory

by:JIYALI     2021-05-21
Walk into the belt processing factory to see what a belt is like in general. Nowadays, men are more likely to use belts than women. A good belt can tell the taste of this man. In many cases, companies will choose to combine belts and wallets to customize them as gifts. When choosing a manufacturer, you need to have the following points:

1. Developing and designing belts

Nowadays, when many belt processing factories are designing belts, they have added health care functions to the slightly more expensive ones. I have to admire the current science. Of developed. Products that make me look ordinary are also good for health. When enterprises customize belts, they should pay attention to the brand LOGO to create belts with their own cultural characteristics.

2. Develop the material of the belt. Men's belts are more common for the general public to be made of cowhide. Although the cost is slightly higher than other belts, the impression it gives is different and high-grade.

3. Confirm the styles designed and developed by the factory for the bulk goods under the model. After the customer's confirmation, there will usually be bulk orders. What customers are more taboo here is to find the delivery date on time, which can be advanced and cannot be delayed. According to the current large-scale belt processing plants in the model determination, after the materials are fully prepared, it usually takes about 16 days. If you find a factory like JIYALI, you can provide you with a one-stop procurement service, which greatly saves time and cost.

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